Magical Scrolling

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Today’s episode is two basically polar opposite segments. First up is all things Disney: Magic Keys, our favorite latest Disney+ channel shows and movies, and Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience—yay or nay? Then we switch over to the less pleasant topic of internet trolls and the toll they can exact if you get caught up in a cyber-argument with one. This was actually supposed to be the topic for the entire episode. Honestly, this is how conversations over coffee go…and we’re not hating that we talked just as much about Disney than we did jerky trolls who wouldn’t say boo to their own shadow in real life away from their computer keyboard. We wrap up the episode with a list of days you can celebrate in September. Oh and we throw in a bit of a lament about summer, heat, and pray for the onset of Fall. Would it be an episode during summer if we didn’t?

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So have you been back to Disneyland (any resort) since they reopened? Have you used the new “Magic Keys” system? Paid extra to get on a ride sooner? (Honestly it smacks a bit of nickel and diming, but it’s so soon in the process it’s hard to say. Plus we think we’re just jealous. Because we sure do miss our Disneyland!) As for the Galactic Starcruiser experience one of us is totally for it and the other…meh…not so much. At least until the Keys are obtained, there’s Disney+ content that brings the parks and rides into our homes through the fantastic Behind the Attraction series. 10 out of 10 highly recommended! Speaking of Disney+ lineups, have you seen Cruella yet? We can’t wait for THE ROCK…ummm…THE JUNGLE CRUISE (with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, ahem.) Oh, yeah, by the way, Dwayne Johnson is executive producer for Behind the Attraction. Hmmmm…coincidence? (((((We think not.)))))

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As for segment two of the episode, or, internet trolls, our advice is scroll on by, pure and simple. These days getting into a comment section argument can have dire consequences as one of Kym’s acquaintances recently found out. How about you….what’s your stance on freedom of speech? Cancel culture has become very dangerous, as discussed in this forbes.com article from 2019. Where do the lines become blurry about what can and cannot be said out loud or in a public forum? When does “my opinion” cross a line? How far does it go before dire consequences set in? How effective are no-tolerance policies in companies…is posting an emoji the same as posting a hateful slur-laden paragraph of vitriol? And this isn’t just about hot topics like Me Too, BLM, or Red vs. Blue. This type of negativity has trickled down to the mundane, every day life postings about gym workouts, pumpkin spice, and Christmas decorations. It seems these days nobody can Agree To Disagree or Live and Let Live. Usually when someone feels they must post a dissenting opinion we get more and more angry and spiteful remarks. Like, you’re actually losing your s**t over a coffee flavor/fitbit readout/Christmas tree in November and shaming those who do find happiness in those things. Why?

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This age will likely be known as the Era of Judgment.

All we can say is 1) know your company’s policies about employee behavior and speech outside the company, 2) is it really worth the energy to get involved in these (inane) arguments) and 3) if what you want to say is not true, kind, helpful, or necessary, just maybe keep it to yourself because you never know how far that stranger you just pissed off will take their grievance with you. If you want to be an activist and change the world, there’s better ways to do it than argue with a lonely, miserable person on a computer. Just. Keep. Scrolling.

Links and Answers

Like today’s episode, we are NOT ENDING ON A NEGATIVE NOTE! For links to the article we cited and answers to the questions brought up during the conversation, read just a liiiittle bit more:


  • Kris stated our outtakes music from our last episode Whadya Say? was Big Top by the Green Orbs. The song title is Big Top by Sir Cubfest. The outtake music from two episodes ago (How It Started) is At The Fair by The Green Orbs.
  • Kym’s statement about missing a reserved attendance day at Disneyland landing you in Disneyjail for 90 days was a tad off; the policy is 3 no-shows in a 90 day period will get you a 30-day suspension from booking additional reservations. So know before you go!

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Wash Your Hands!

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Yep. We’re throwing our opinions into the manic mix that is Covid-19 hysteria. Amidst illogical shortages of toilet paper, and (slightly less illogical) hand sanitizer everywhere you look, we’re putting our caffeinated heads together to talk (sometimes heatedly…KRIS) about the absolute insanity that has gripped our nation and the globe. Even as of this writing, major sporting events are being cancelled, stocks have nose-dived, and God forbid you try to find paper goods anywhere. So we’re just saying, “stay calm, stay logical and DO. NOT. BEND. TO. THE. MOB. FEAR. MENTALITY!” And just for the record, we’re predicting that hand lotion will be the next big thing to go scarce, because washing our hands 20 times a day while we sing the ABC or Happy Birthday song, PLUS sanitizing, is doing quite the number on our overly germ-free mitts.

Here’s our take on the whole thing, and then we’ll provide links to the sites we mention as well as clear up any of our own missteps in the discussion:

  1. Wash your hands. Duh.
  2. Fill one of your now-empty hand sanitizer bottles you carry in your purse or car with liquid soap. Toss a bottle of water in your car and boom, you’re the king and/or queen of hand cleanliness. While sanitizer is great in a pinch, it does not, CANNOT, take the place of washing your hands!
  3. Don’t shake hands with people. Don’t even fist bump. Alternatives are: elbow bump, wave, jazz hands (dear God, yes please and make sure to upload videos of such interactions to social media). And there’s always the bros “‘Sup?” head-nod or the Spock/Vulcan hand thingy that only a smattering of the population can actually achieve. (Nerdnote: do NOT attempt the Mork version, as this entails the ability to do the Spock hand salute, with the addition of inserting your V into the V of another person who also does the Spock hand thingy, and…you know what…Nanoooo Nanoooo. We’ve jumped the shark). Screw it. Bring back the ol’ bow and curtsy.
  4. Don’t hate people who have Covid-19. Don’t. Why would you. Who are these jerks sending these poor people who have the misfortune of getting sick hateful comments? Oh, yeah, the same a$$holes who buy cases of toilet paper to up-price and sell to people who can’t find any BECAUSE THE A$$HOLES BOUGHT IT ALL TO RESELL… aaaaaaaaaaaand INSANITY LOOP! If you want to be pissed at people, THAT’S a good group to start with, along with Nazis, child abusers, people who use all the washing machines in your apartment complex laundry room, coworkers who take the last cup of coffee and don’t make a fresh pot, and people named Kip and Muffy.
  5. While we’re at it, don’t hate Asian people thinking they automatically carry the virus because of their race. THAT. IS. RACIST. BULLSHIT. Stop. Stop right now.
  6. Cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
  7. Don’t wear face masks unless you have symptoms. This saves the masks for people who truly need them. Better yet, if you really need to, you can wear a bandana which is washable. We also suggest whistling the theme song to “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” if you do. Please do this. And again, post it to social media, thank you.
  8. Don’t touch your face. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHHAHAAAA. Good luck with that, let us know how that goes BECAUSE WE CAN’T STOP TOUCHING OUR FACES.
  9. Don’t panic-purchase. Please don’t. You’re feeding the frenzy and being part of the problem if you do this. Case in point: the day after mainstream media picked up social media posts of empty store shelves in Washington state, local stores in Southern California began putting PALLETS of unopened shipments of toilet paper out. Great message. To some it may have said, “we’re ready.” To most it shouted, “WE’RE GONNA RUN OUT BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO UNBOX THIS CRAP IN THE WAREHOUSE!” Ergo, scared consumers caving to panic-purchasing, which led to no toilet paper or hand sanitizer on shelves. All across the country. Within a couple days. See, here’s the thing. Washington state currently has the highest concentration of deaths from Covid-19 with 19 of the total 22 deaths in the United States. So, yeah, we understand the panic Washington residents felt. We do not, however, understand empty shelves in Tustin, California, which is hundreds of miles away. That, dearest friends, is the power of misinformation, mob-fear, and feeding the frenzy. Thankfully at least one Albertson’s in our area has put a limit on purchasing. Logic and cool heads must prevail or we’re going to “oh my” and “dear me” ourselves right over a damned cliff. Just buy what you need and one extra to make you feel better.
  10. Fact check what you post on social media. Also ask yourself, is it helpful or is it frenzy-fodder? If it’s factual and helpful, go ahead and post. If it’s not…you’re part of the problem.
  11. Make your own damned hand sanitizer using specific types of alcohol (at least 70% or higher alcohol content) and gel (such as aloe vera). You can temper the alcohol odor by adding your favorite essential oil. Good luck finding the ingredients though. #rollingeyes. Here’s a link to a diy hand sanitizer recipe, or if you want to go Breaking Bad on it, check out this link at the WHO’s (World Health Organization). We’re wondering if Everclear will work? Asking for a friend.
  12. Stay home if you’re sick. That whole “I’ve never missed a day of work” mentality has to go bye-bye. Sorry. It’s pretty egotistical to bring your drippy noise and raspy cough – masked with OTC meds (if you can find them that is) – to work just to maintain some arcane office record. No one is clapping for you Frank! The office doesn’t think you’re amazing Karen! They all want you to stay the hell away from them. Go to bed. Get better. Now, we get that there are some businesses who don’t give a rat’s behind if you’re sick…if you don’t show you don’t get paid. That sucks. It really does. And we’re sorry you have to work for jerks. Just try to get better, love.

As for links, here you go:

  • Kym’s snowflake underwear actually did resemble this photo of a coronavirus. Whoda thunk?
  • What’s in a name? Coronavirus aka Covid-19 aka SARS-2. What exactly is everyone talking about? This link to World Health Organization’s article on naming the virus helps clear this little conundrum up.
  • Influenza is deadlier? Looks like it, according to this CDC chart. And be sure to read this paragraph a couple times to really let it sink in: “CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.”
  • Covid-19 asymptomatic issues explained here, by the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.
  • Interactive map. This is a great interactive map by Johns Hopkins CSSE updating the numbers of cases, recoveries and deaths worldwide. Do the math. The numbers show recovery rate is much higher than the death rate globally. EDIT 19 March 2020: We have updated the link for the map to go directly to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center in order to provide a safe, direct link to the source. Please be wary of sites claiming to have a link to the map as they may have possible malware attached. You can find more information about this by going to Snopes.com.
  • Mythbusters! Read this WHO article which debunks many myths currently being put out there.
  • Hotter countries spared? While President Trump recently claimed we could be seeing a drop in cases by April as weather warms up, scientists are conflicted about the apparent reality that countries with warmer climates, such as India, aren’t being hit with these types of viruses as much as regions with colder weather. Read more about this theory in this article.
  • Hoaxes! Here is the Al Jazeera article talking about the misinformation spread by mainstream news media based on social media posts.
  • Baby, It’s Not Me, It’s You. For the Washington Post article about conspiracy theories that the US is being blamed by some other countries (ahem, Chiiiiiiiiiiina??), go here.
  • Bill and Melinda’s Excellent Adventure. To found out just how much Bill and Melinda Gates actually spend to help others, check this link out.
  • Hip Cool Conspiracies. For the Rolling Stone article listing their favorite conspiracy theories and hoaxes, go here.
  • Oh, Rush. Here’s a link to the Washington Post article to back up Kris’ statement that Rush Limbaugh is trying to blow this all off as a weaponized threat to destroy Trump. Don’t come at us.
  • More fact-checking. And here’s a bonus fact-check article from The Guardian for your edification.
  • Last but not least. We couldn’t find the article Kris mentioned reading (she thought it was from the CDC) about what the Coronavirus does once you’ve got it, but here’s a National Geographic article that is very similar (and may even be the same article, now we’ve read through it). It’s to educate you. If you’re prone to overreaction, panic, or hypochondria, maybe you should skip this one. But if you’re interested in how Covid-19 affects the body, it’s an interesting read.

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Effects of Social Media

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On today’s episode of The Mugly Truth, we talk (well, Kris kind of rants actually) about the effects of social media on adults, teens and kids. See, being products of 70’s and 80’s we remember life without instant answers, not knowing when a message is received, and having a small circle of friends vs 5,000. Back then, we had to go to the library, or crack open an encyclopedia (which was so expensive to boot!), or ask mom and dad for the answer to our questions (and hope they knew). To connect with friends we had to dial a landline (God help you if you had a rotary dial still) and then hope they were home…letting it ring and ring and ring ad nauseum – that is until the magic of the answering machine became a household game-changer around 1984. We’d pass paper notes in class and hope the teacher wouldn’t catch them mid-transmission and worst luck…read them out loud.

If we couldn’t hang out after school, we would make plans to watch MTV at the same time and then talk on the phone for hours as we watched and sang along with our favorite band’s latest videos. Woe to the poor person trying to reach our parents. They would just have to keep trying or give up in frustration from the incessant buzz of the busy signal since call waiting was still pretty newfangled. We personally didn’t have home computers as kids (though others did), hell, we were still marveling over the concept of using a cable box and recording movies on a Vee-Cee-Arr. The closest thing we got to instant photos was using a Polaroid camera, mix tapes were literally recorded from the radio or a record player using a cassette tape recorder, and we listened to those sweet jams later on our Sony Walkmans. We could sit for hours in a quiet corner to read a book for the fiftieth time, but we would have to wait a month for the latest celebrity gossip, makeup tips and photos of our boy-band crushes to be revealed in our teen magazines like Tiger Beat, Seventeen and Bop. Once we started driving, we had a Thomas Brothers map thrown into the back of the car somewhere…usually on the floor behind the passenger seat. And if our car broke down? We’d better have enough change to call Dad (or Automobile Club) from a payphone.





Sort of.

Nowadays…it’s all literally at our fingertips. Knowledge, fellowship, support, photos of loved ones, status updates…face-to-face video chatting just like we watched on Star Trek and Star Wars! It’s all just hanging out in our back pocket, purse or desktop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s there next to us as we sleep, ready to wake us up for work and then perched somewhere nearby feeding us amazing podcasts (ahem), audiobooks and playlists to get us through our daily grind. We’ve seen the rise of YouTube where anyone can be a worldwide “tv” star in a show of one’s own making. When you’re tired of watching your millionth tutorial, you can binge a favorite blast from the past or latest sensation (and Kris does) whenever and wherever you want – depending on how much money you want to shell out for any combination of Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and a la carte cable channel apps. We can watch our favorite movie or tv show or sporting event sitting on a bus heading to work. And if we forget the name of that actor in that movie? Google’s got it.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

Want to know how long it will take to drive from point A to point B IN ANOTHER COUNTRY? We can look that up in less than a minute. Want to watch your kid drive from point A to point B on a Saturday night next town over? There’s an app somewhere that can help you do that (Black Mirror, anyone)? Speaking of family and friends…it’s amazing how we can see what our loved ones are doing and feeling and who they’re with, even what they’re eating. Whatever they want to share, we can share with them (if their settings allow) in almost real time. Admittedly, this is sometimes to the detriment of our stomach contents (photos of severed fingers and surgery sutures and compound fractures are disgusting…please stop. Please. JUST. STAHP.) If our significant other doesn’t answer the phone, we can leave a voicemail and then send a text to cover the bases. But God forbid we get left unread. Them’s the biggest fightin’ words never spoken or typed.

Chances are unless you are someone who completely lives off the grid (though doubtful since you’re reading this), you have experienced a level of connection like all or some of what we’ve described. You may also have experienced the frustration of the quagmire of political rants clogging your news feeds. Your blood pressure may have risen once or twice (a day or hour) just reading comments from trolls in another clickbait article. Have you ever gotten so riled about a posted story your friend says is true only to discover, thanks to sites like Snopes.com, that the story was literally crap? Yeah. Us too. We have gotten so wrapped up in this miraculous link to the world that we are getting trapped in the FOMO phenomenon (fear of missing out), sometimes absent-mindedly picking up our phone and checking Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat a couple minutes after swiping the apps shut. We try to put the phones away when friends and family sit in front of us, but inevitably we sneak a peek to check What’s App. Or we whip it out to snap that delightful dinner. Or answer that damned question, “WHO was that actor???”

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

We talk about the good and the bad of social media in this episode…like we said, we love and hate the internet. But mostly we can’t picture living without this connection we have (now that we’ve had it), and we look forward to future technology that will make it even better. We just can’t lose sight of the real world around us. We cannot compare ourselves to the perfection we see on Instagram. We must continue to always understand what we read on a screen is what people present to us to be seen. Like the old saying our folks imparted to us all those years ago, before all this began, “don’t believe everything you read” Oh…and, “don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.” Mom and dad told us a lot of great stuff.

Remembering this will remind us that the most beautiful, lovely, wonderful things we could possible experience are the eyes of our loved ones, the sound of their laughter…the clouds and sun and fresh air of a perfectly normal day while birds fly across the sky and dogs bark at us from the other side of a fence. We know…sounds like a bunch of sappy crap. Well, maybe Ernest Cline said it better:

“That was when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real.” 
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

Links related to this topic:

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Episode 01: Ctrl+Alt+WTF?


Welcome to Episode 01 of The Mugly Truth Podcast! This week we fuel up on coffee and technology. From the 70’s to present day, we reminisce about troubleshooting rogue cassettes, the right way to return a mixtape, disco, OG texting (aka passing notes), rabbit ear antennas, recording movies in the seventies, changing channels the old fashioned way, landlines and the real MTV. Jumping back to the future we cover all things social media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (STREAKS!), moms using cellphones, teenagers, Netflix, viral videos (Chewbacca Lady! I Don’t Watch The News Because I’m A Kid Kid!), tech spies conspiracy theories, self-driving cars (NOPE), Uber Air (NOPE NOPE), the kind of people who jump in elevators, podcasting, and even the Chunnel makes a guest appearance (one ginormous NOPE from Kym, two non-sarcastic thumbs up from Kris) . It’s literally gonna make you go HmmmmCtrl+Alt+WTF?

Special thanks to Paul Wilborn who helped us test our equipment, and even had us on HIS podcast (see Episode 21 The Mugly Truth on his podcast page at http://www.havingbeerswith.com/ ). If you like beer, hockey, baseball, or The American Wake, check out Paul’s podcast Having Beers With!

So grab your coffee and get comfy in your chair. Put on your headphones; kick the kids out of the room; turn down the volume on your work computer or turn it up in your car – because the swear jar goes into overdrive (we made over $2 in our swear-funding for equipment upgrades).

Let’s talk The Mugly Truth about TECHNOLOGY!

Click the link below to open the Libsyn player (it’s ok…it’s safe!):

Or you can hop over to our Libsyn podcast page at http://themuglytruth.libsyn.com/ or listen to this episode directly at http://themuglytruth.libsyn.com/ctrlaltwtf

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