Magical Scrolling

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Today’s episode is two basically polar opposite segments. First up is all things Disney: Magic Keys, our favorite latest Disney+ channel shows and movies, and Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience—yay or nay? Then we switch over to the less pleasant topic of internet trolls and the toll they can exact if you get caught up in a cyber-argument with one. This was actually supposed to be the topic for the entire episode. Honestly, this is how conversations over coffee go…and we’re not hating that we talked just as much about Disney than we did jerky trolls who wouldn’t say boo to their own shadow in real life away from their computer keyboard. We wrap up the episode with a list of days you can celebrate in September. Oh and we throw in a bit of a lament about summer, heat, and pray for the onset of Fall. Would it be an episode during summer if we didn’t?

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So have you been back to Disneyland (any resort) since they reopened? Have you used the new “Magic Keys” system? Paid extra to get on a ride sooner? (Honestly it smacks a bit of nickel and diming, but it’s so soon in the process it’s hard to say. Plus we think we’re just jealous. Because we sure do miss our Disneyland!) As for the Galactic Starcruiser experience one of us is totally for it and the other…meh…not so much. At least until the Keys are obtained, there’s Disney+ content that brings the parks and rides into our homes through the fantastic Behind the Attraction series. 10 out of 10 highly recommended! Speaking of Disney+ lineups, have you seen Cruella yet? We can’t wait for THE ROCK…ummm…THE JUNGLE CRUISE (with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, ahem.) Oh, yeah, by the way, Dwayne Johnson is executive producer for Behind the Attraction. Hmmmm…coincidence? (((((We think not.)))))

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As for segment two of the episode, or, internet trolls, our advice is scroll on by, pure and simple. These days getting into a comment section argument can have dire consequences as one of Kym’s acquaintances recently found out. How about you….what’s your stance on freedom of speech? Cancel culture has become very dangerous, as discussed in this forbes.com article from 2019. Where do the lines become blurry about what can and cannot be said out loud or in a public forum? When does “my opinion” cross a line? How far does it go before dire consequences set in? How effective are no-tolerance policies in companies…is posting an emoji the same as posting a hateful slur-laden paragraph of vitriol? And this isn’t just about hot topics like Me Too, BLM, or Red vs. Blue. This type of negativity has trickled down to the mundane, every day life postings about gym workouts, pumpkin spice, and Christmas decorations. It seems these days nobody can Agree To Disagree or Live and Let Live. Usually when someone feels they must post a dissenting opinion we get more and more angry and spiteful remarks. Like, you’re actually losing your s**t over a coffee flavor/fitbit readout/Christmas tree in November and shaming those who do find happiness in those things. Why?

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This age will likely be known as the Era of Judgment.

All we can say is 1) know your company’s policies about employee behavior and speech outside the company, 2) is it really worth the energy to get involved in these (inane) arguments) and 3) if what you want to say is not true, kind, helpful, or necessary, just maybe keep it to yourself because you never know how far that stranger you just pissed off will take their grievance with you. If you want to be an activist and change the world, there’s better ways to do it than argue with a lonely, miserable person on a computer. Just. Keep. Scrolling.

Links and Answers

Like today’s episode, we are NOT ENDING ON A NEGATIVE NOTE! For links to the article we cited and answers to the questions brought up during the conversation, read just a liiiittle bit more:


  • Kris stated our outtakes music from our last episode Whadya Say? was Big Top by the Green Orbs. The song title is Big Top by Sir Cubfest. The outtake music from two episodes ago (How It Started) is At The Fair by The Green Orbs.
  • Kym’s statement about missing a reserved attendance day at Disneyland landing you in Disneyjail for 90 days was a tad off; the policy is 3 no-shows in a 90 day period will get you a 30-day suspension from booking additional reservations. So know before you go!

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