Ahoy There Queen Mary!

View of the Queen Mary from the harbor side, Long Beach Harbor, CA.
Ahoy there! Today’s episode is about Long Beach Harbor’s very own Queen Mary! Listen in on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, SpotifyOvercast, Libsyn, Pocket CastStitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Today The Mugly Truth goes back to our roots! We get all creepy crawly with ghostly stories about our favorite Queen of the states. Of COURSE we mean the lovely luxury liner-turned-hotel: the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor, CA! We don’t talk ONLY about ghosts, but we definitely discuss a few of the most famous onboard hauntings. We nope-out about Room B340, and wonder if John Henry (who loves beer), little Jackie (who roams the pool area), John Peddler (crushed by door 13), and the Grumpy Growler (so named for growling at passers-by) will make themselves known to Kris and family when they stay overnight for her birthday! Kym recounts her own sleepless night and curious tapping on her door during her recent stay in the lovely Eisenhower Stateroom.

Of course Kym has more than just ghost stories to tell. She goes into the childhood vault to pull out not one but TWO celebrity interactions – in pure Kym fashion – on the same night at the Queen Mary about thirtyahemmmmaahsomffing years ago. One story has her telling off Bobby Grich (of Angel’s baseball fame) in the parking lot and later she was actually speechless during an elevator ride with 80’s hearthrob Perry King. It’s feast or famine with that woman.

We delve just a bit into the history of the ship: the legend of how she became so named, her tour of duty during World War II, and her journey back to grandeur as a luxury cruise ship after the war.

And perhaps the most important takeaway from the entire episode is probably this: if staying overnight, it’s best to bring your own coffee pot because there wasn’t one in Kym’s extra lit suite. Mmmscuseme? We believe a mutiny is in order! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO WALK THE PLANK! There ain’t no java thar! What are you THINKING Queen Mary Hotel? Coffee is LIFE, do you not understand this? BYOCP people, BYOCP.

Once you’re sufficiently recovered from this revelation, go ahead and check more information about what we cover in this episode:

  • To see/listen to the video of Bob Davis (of Planet Paranormal Investigations), talking to little Jackie , please go to his YouTube link.
  • To see what Perry King is up to, please visit his website. He’s an active guy! We love Kym’s stepdad Ted, but we wouldn’t have minded a stint with Mr. King as Mom Jackie’s beau. Wink wink.
  • For Bobby Grich information, go here.
  • For more information about tours on the Queen Mary, go here. For general information, visit the Queen Mary website, but there’s also information here.
  • To watch Buzzfeed Unsolved Mysteries, go to their YouTube channel. To watch Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej’s Queen Mary Room B340 stay (and see the toothpaste fly HORIZONTALLY off the sink – not vertically KRISSSS – video), go here. There’s also a blog highlighting the more eventful bits and pieces here.

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Episode 02: Sheet Pants and Shortalls


Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe the year is HALF OVER? In today’s episode Kris can’t believe she’s almost a HALF CENTURY old! Coincidence? We think not. Join us not for half but a WHOLE, wonderful, entire episode of what growing up was like through our 20s, 30s, and 40s and where we’re going in the next, uh, 50 years. Maybe you can relate to how our perspectives and perceptions – about ourselves and others – have changed. We are fairly sure we have matured nicely, although sometimes it seems like what others learned in kindergarten, we’re only just now getting a grip on. And in the vernacular of today’s youth: are we on our way to being “woke”? Yeah…but slowly. Because, you know, oldER. Hurts to move. Anyway, we still have a lot to learn but you know what? The lessons from our exploits in every decade of our lives have yielded some pretty good wisdom for us, and maybe for you too!

Woven in and through all the philosophical chit-chat are stories about: sheet pants and shortalls (“high fashion” in the 80s and 90s); the dangers of rollerskating backwards with gummy bears; parental poetry and odd mementos; things we’d tell our younger selves;  brussels sprouts; marriage, parenthood, divorce, and dating in today’s world (ugh); the mother-truckin’ cost of living these days; and why can’t we all just respect each other a little more. The 50s may feel like the new 80s physically – just kidding. Kind of. Ok…no…well…yes AND no. OKOKOK! Look. It’s a LITTLE yes BUT we know it could be better because let’s face it we need to exercise more. And eat less cake. Shhuuuuush – but we like what’s on the horizon for us.

So, friends, grab your mugs-o-java, sit back, and relax with The Mugly Truth podcast.  Click the Libsyn link below to listen to Episode 02: Sheet Pants and Shortalls!



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Episode 01: Ctrl+Alt+WTF?


Welcome to Episode 01 of The Mugly Truth Podcast! This week we fuel up on coffee and technology. From the 70’s to present day, we reminisce about troubleshooting rogue cassettes, the right way to return a mixtape, disco, OG texting (aka passing notes), rabbit ear antennas, recording movies in the seventies, changing channels the old fashioned way, landlines and the real MTV. Jumping back to the future we cover all things social media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (STREAKS!), moms using cellphones, teenagers, Netflix, viral videos (Chewbacca Lady! I Don’t Watch The News Because I’m A Kid Kid!), tech spies conspiracy theories, self-driving cars (NOPE), Uber Air (NOPE NOPE), the kind of people who jump in elevators, podcasting, and even the Chunnel makes a guest appearance (one ginormous NOPE from Kym, two non-sarcastic thumbs up from Kris) . It’s literally gonna make you go HmmmmCtrl+Alt+WTF?

Special thanks to Paul Wilborn who helped us test our equipment, and even had us on HIS podcast (see Episode 21 The Mugly Truth on his podcast page at http://www.havingbeerswith.com/ ). If you like beer, hockey, baseball, or The American Wake, check out Paul’s podcast Having Beers With!

So grab your coffee and get comfy in your chair. Put on your headphones; kick the kids out of the room; turn down the volume on your work computer or turn it up in your car – because the swear jar goes into overdrive (we made over $2 in our swear-funding for equipment upgrades).

Let’s talk The Mugly Truth about TECHNOLOGY!

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