Worldwide Christmas Traditions

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Happy Tuesday! Today Kris and Kym do a full 180-turn from last week’s episode and focus FULLY on all the things you can do to celebrate Christmas all around the world. Kym tackles how to say Merry Christmas and Santa in multiple languages and proves Kris is not the only one struggling to pronounce words. But when all’s said and done, Kym knocked it out of the park in about 15 (give or take) different languages. Well done Kym!

They go on to discuss the history behind some of the most iconic Christmas songs you are probably sick of hearing by now. Do you know the oldest known Christmas song? Can you guess who wrote “O Come All Ye Faithful”? Would you believe “Deck the Halls” has Pagan origins? And that “Jingle Bells” wasn’t even intended to be a Christmas song?

They tackle fun (and weird) traditions throughout the world, and you are NOT going to believe the level of odd some of the activities reach. Kris also has an epiphany that all these shenanigans might somehow have something to do with aliens.  (Blinking. Staring.)

Kris and Kym also shout out a happy birthday to Hayley for her 14th birthday, to Nate and Kayla for their 2nd wedding anniversary, and brand new listener Katie (welcome to The Mugly Truth family!!)

Kris’ daughters, Hayley (left) and Sami (right) on Hayley’s 14th birthday (and the day we recorded this episode).
Kayla and Nate on their wedding day. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

And, of course, there’s The Mugly Truth Christmas 2018 Gift Giveaway UNBOXING live on Instagram, but you can see the photos of what is in the gift box so far:

Just (((some))) of the stuff we’re sending to the lucky winner of our gift giveaway contest! There’s more to be added! UNBELIEVABLE!
Really cool vintage winter dishtowels
Really cool vintage-style canvas winter tote
Close up of some of the contents of the gift giveaway. YES that’s an 80’s trivia game! BOOM.
Close up of some of the contents of the gift giveaway. Disclaimer: If the sea salt caramels are MISSING from the box, Kris did NOT EAT THEM. She has NO IDEA WHERE THEY ARE. Do NOT ask her.
Some more close ups. We are so excited to give this to one of our listeners!

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Episode 03: Disturbia



Happy Tuesday!

In today’s episode we talk about the weird and not-so-weird phobias we’ve had since childhood. In the process we discover many, MANY, more phobias out there and how NOT to pronounce any of them correctly. So if you’re afraid of cats, clowns, ducks, spiders, balloons, women, commitment, enclosed spaces, relationships, the ocean, drowning, teenagers, traffic, the sun and so many others, then this may (or may not) be the episode Just. For. YOU!

And rest assured, we are not making fun of ANYONE who has any debilitating fear of anything. As you will hear, we can get pretty triggered ourselves, but somehow we find the ability to laugh through it.

For a complete list of phobias, go to http://www.phobialist.com. You’ll get to see just how freaking hard it is to not only spell but pronounce some of these names correctly. Tsk. Seriously, it isn’t easy! And, oh, by the way, I also just learned that phobias are based on GREEK words with a smattering of Latin here and there. Also, dear McDonald’s please don’t sue us, we are very, very broke. And to the Telegraph, thank you for publishing an online article to verify Kym’s fear of cruise ship pirates is oh so valid (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/articles/what-happens-if-a-cruise-ship-is-attacked-by-pirates/).

Ok, dear mug-clutching friends, go ahead…get your comforting cuppa, sit back and just know there’s nothing to fear…the Libsyn link below will safely take you to Episode 03 DISTURBIA!!


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Episode 01: Ctrl+Alt+WTF?


Welcome to Episode 01 of The Mugly Truth Podcast! This week we fuel up on coffee and technology. From the 70’s to present day, we reminisce about troubleshooting rogue cassettes, the right way to return a mixtape, disco, OG texting (aka passing notes), rabbit ear antennas, recording movies in the seventies, changing channels the old fashioned way, landlines and the real MTV. Jumping back to the future we cover all things social media (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (STREAKS!), moms using cellphones, teenagers, Netflix, viral videos (Chewbacca Lady! I Don’t Watch The News Because I’m A Kid Kid!), tech spies conspiracy theories, self-driving cars (NOPE), Uber Air (NOPE NOPE), the kind of people who jump in elevators, podcasting, and even the Chunnel makes a guest appearance (one ginormous NOPE from Kym, two non-sarcastic thumbs up from Kris) . It’s literally gonna make you go HmmmmCtrl+Alt+WTF?

Special thanks to Paul Wilborn who helped us test our equipment, and even had us on HIS podcast (see Episode 21 The Mugly Truth on his podcast page at http://www.havingbeerswith.com/ ). If you like beer, hockey, baseball, or The American Wake, check out Paul’s podcast Having Beers With!

So grab your coffee and get comfy in your chair. Put on your headphones; kick the kids out of the room; turn down the volume on your work computer or turn it up in your car – because the swear jar goes into overdrive (we made over $2 in our swear-funding for equipment upgrades).

Let’s talk The Mugly Truth about TECHNOLOGY!

Click the link below to open the Libsyn player (it’s ok…it’s safe!):

Or you can hop over to our Libsyn podcast page at http://themuglytruth.libsyn.com/ or listen to this episode directly at http://themuglytruth.libsyn.com/ctrlaltwtf

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We actually RECORDED

We got our introduction episode recorded! Will be working on post-production and get the actual recording up here soon!! Also looking forward to seeing the photos from our photoshoot in Old Orange this morning, with Kimberly Sickel. Check Kim’s work out at 500px @riverdeer.

When we get the photos processed we’ll update this site and post to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Thank you for joining us!