Halloween Goulash

We LOVE coffee
Kris loves coffee so much. Kym does too, but she also loves her dignity. Photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer, at 500px

Some might ask, “why GOULASH? Are you (((sure))) you have the right word? Is today’s podcast all about Halloween recipes? This makes no sense. We are all confused.”

To that we say, “We don’t know but it’s too late to change things NOW, we’re tired because it’s vurrry late and we procrastinated getting this thing written until two hours before it’s due and we are always confused, SO GET A GRIP.”

How very collegiate of us.

Let’s fill up a lot of space with other people’s words, shall we? Here’s what the free online dictionary has to say about it:

goulash  (ˈɡuːlæʃ) (n)

Definition 1: A rich stew, originating in Hungary, made of beef, lamb, or veal, highly seasoned with paprika. Includes macaroni, onions, tomatoes.

Nope. We aren’t dedicating today’s podcast to a bowl of spicy meat.

Definition 2: A method of dealing, in the game of Bridge, in threes and fours without first shuffling the cards, to produce FREAK HANDS!

VERY CLOSE. Verrrrrrrrrry close. All this talk of “freak hands”, and the wanton dealing of cards with reckless abandon. Hmmm. Yes. It’s all very…ah…close.

Definition 3 – Hodgepodge; jumble.

Winner winner chicken dinner get that dog a bone!

Jumble. HODGEPODGE! (wot an amazing word, eh?) THAT’s why we chose “Halloween Goulash.” We knew deep down we were on the right track. Plus, it’s so much creepier sounding than Halloween Potpourri. We’re so glad it worked out. We are very lucky people.

Right. So today’s episode starts off super great. We are in Big Bear, still sitting on Kym’s mom’s deck, we’re enjoying the flora and fauna, we’re staying the course. We have our topics! We have our notes! We talk about the history of Halloween and Samhain and how the Irish totally invented the First Holiday of the HallowThanksMas Trifecta…

We ramble on about Halloween traditions and candy corn and our favorite movies to watch in October (Harry Potter anything, Hocus Pocus, Rocky Horror Picture Show, High Spirits, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah) and how much Netflix and other streaming video folks have a totally sucky holiday lineup this year…it’s all GREAT…things are BRILLIANT…we sound fairly EDUCATED (snirk)…

And then dangling, creeping, unfolding shit hits the fan.

Now. Let’s pause a moment.

***Clasping hands, closing eyes, nodding ever-so-sightly.***

We won’t tell you exactly HOW it hit, but once it flies things kind of go downhill. Oh, we try to bring it back ’round, try to push through – but in the end, let’s face it, we forgot a whole entire SEGMENT of the episode outline because of SAID SHIT.

That’s ok. There’s still quite a bit of (ahem) meat and potatoes (HAHAHHAHA!!! see what we did there???) (Editors note from Kris: There’s no potatoes in goulash.) (Author’s note: fuck off no one cares.)

((Does anyone actually believe there are two people writing this blog? No? Okeydokey.))

…there’s still quite a bit of substance to the rest of the episode, it just tends to be on the jumbly side of the definition of goulash, not so much the stewy side. A wee bit of the “freak hand” essence is revealed with a slight bouquet of chaos and subtle hint of insanity, paired with well-aged f-bombs.

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Location photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer at 500px



Episode 03a: Disturbia Short Shot

person holding white teacup
Photo by Andrea P. Coan on Pexels.com

What’s this? A Mugly Truth episode on a Saturday? Of course. Because we forgot a few things in last Tuesday’s Disturbia episode, so we thought, well, let’s talk some more! Hence, this…teacupisode if you will…was born. There are some phobias we downright forgot we have, as well as a bunch of new hard-to-pronounce phobias from the long phobialist.com scroll of fear. Enjoy this short shot episode of Disturbia Redux!

Oh yeah. This is also the one with “singing”. You’ve been warned.

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Episode 03: Disturbia



Happy Tuesday!

In today’s episode we talk about the weird and not-so-weird phobias we’ve had since childhood. In the process we discover many, MANY, more phobias out there and how NOT to pronounce any of them correctly. So if you’re afraid of cats, clowns, ducks, spiders, balloons, women, commitment, enclosed spaces, relationships, the ocean, drowning, teenagers, traffic, the sun and so many others, then this may (or may not) be the episode Just. For. YOU!

And rest assured, we are not making fun of ANYONE who has any debilitating fear of anything. As you will hear, we can get pretty triggered ourselves, but somehow we find the ability to laugh through it.

For a complete list of phobias, go to http://www.phobialist.com. You’ll get to see just how freaking hard it is to not only spell but pronounce some of these names correctly. Tsk. Seriously, it isn’t easy! And, oh, by the way, I also just learned that phobias are based on GREEK words with a smattering of Latin here and there. Also, dear McDonald’s please don’t sue us, we are very, very broke. And to the Telegraph, thank you for publishing an online article to verify Kym’s fear of cruise ship pirates is oh so valid (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/articles/what-happens-if-a-cruise-ship-is-attacked-by-pirates/).

Ok, dear mug-clutching friends, go ahead…get your comforting cuppa, sit back and just know there’s nothing to fear…the Libsyn link below will safely take you to Episode 03 DISTURBIA!!


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