Episode 02: Sheet Pants and Shortalls


Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe the year is HALF OVER? In today’s episode Kris can’t believe she’s almost a HALF CENTURY old! Coincidence? We think not. Join us not for half but a WHOLE, wonderful, entire episode of what growing up was like through our 20s, 30s, and 40s and where we’re going in the next, uh, 50 years. Maybe you can relate to how our perspectives and perceptions – about ourselves and others – have changed. We are fairly sure we have matured nicely, although sometimes it seems like what others learned in kindergarten, we’re only just now getting a grip on. And in the vernacular of today’s youth: are we on our way to being “woke”? Yeah…but slowly. Because, you know, oldER. Hurts to move. Anyway, we still have a lot to learn but you know what? The lessons from our exploits in every decade of our lives have yielded some pretty good wisdom for us, and maybe for you too!

Woven in and through all the philosophical chit-chat are stories about: sheet pants and shortalls (“high fashion” in the 80s and 90s); the dangers of rollerskating backwards with gummy bears; parental poetry and odd mementos; things we’d tell our younger selves;  brussels sprouts; marriage, parenthood, divorce, and dating in today’s world (ugh); the mother-truckin’ cost of living these days; and why can’t we all just respect each other a little more. The 50s may feel like the new 80s physically – just kidding. Kind of. Ok…no…well…yes AND no. OKOKOK! Look. It’s a LITTLE yes BUT we know it could be better because let’s face it we need to exercise more. And eat less cake. Shhuuuuush – but we like what’s on the horizon for us.

So, friends, grab your mugs-o-java, sit back, and relax with The Mugly Truth podcast.  Click the Libsyn link below to listen to Episode 02: Sheet Pants and Shortalls!



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We actually RECORDED

We got our introduction episode recorded! Will be working on post-production and get the actual recording up here soon!! Also looking forward to seeing the photos from our photoshoot in Old Orange this morning, with Kimberly Sickel. Check Kim’s work out at 500px @riverdeer.

When we get the photos processed we’ll update this site and post to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Thank you for joining us!