Episode 03: Disturbia



Happy Tuesday!

In today’s episode we talk about the weird and not-so-weird phobias we’ve had since childhood. In the process we discover many, MANY, more phobias out there and how NOT to pronounce any of them correctly. So if you’re afraid of cats, clowns, ducks, spiders, balloons, women, commitment, enclosed spaces, relationships, the ocean, drowning, teenagers, traffic, the sun and so many others, then this may (or may not) be the episode Just. For. YOU!

And rest assured, we are not making fun of ANYONE who has any debilitating fear of anything. As you will hear, we can get pretty triggered ourselves, but somehow we find the ability to laugh through it.

For a complete list of phobias, go to http://www.phobialist.com. You’ll get to see just how freaking hard it is to not only spell but pronounce some of these names correctly. Tsk. Seriously, it isn’t easy! And, oh, by the way, I also just learned that phobias are based on GREEK words with a smattering of Latin here and there. Also, dear McDonald’s please don’t sue us, we are very, very broke. And to the Telegraph, thank you for publishing an online article to verify Kym’s fear of cruise ship pirates is oh so valid (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/articles/what-happens-if-a-cruise-ship-is-attacked-by-pirates/).

Ok, dear mug-clutching friends, go ahead…get your comforting cuppa, sit back and just know there’s nothing to fear…the Libsyn link below will safely take you to Episode 03 DISTURBIA!!


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6 thoughts on “Episode 03: Disturbia”

  1. Great podcasts! Loved all three of them! My phobia when I was a kid was nuclear war! That’s all you heard about on the news….Can’t wait to collaborate with you guys…. keep it mugly!


    1. Oh wow YES! We definitely wound up on the tail end of the school drills for nuclear bombs/atomic fallout…I think California must have incorporated drills for earthquakes from that. Thanks Paul for the comment!


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