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Notes from Kris & Kym

Audio Promos!

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Hey there podcast friends! If anyone has a podcast and wishes to include our promo in their episode, we are excited to announce we have a few to choose from, including one specifically created for our favorite genre we don’t cover: True Crime! All we ask is if you use a promo, drop us a line and let us know who you are, what your podcast is called, the episode it appears in and what date it airs! Thank you so much!

The Mugly Truth Promo Clip 1
The Mugly Truth Promo Clip 2
The Mugly Truth Promo Clip TRUE CRIME

Follow The Mugly Truth Podcast on  iTunes/Apple Podcasts, SpotifyOvercast, Libsyn, Pocket CastStitcher or anywhere you listen to podcasts. Then all you need to do is 1) subscribe 2) download and 3) listen! AND!!! 4) If you enjoy what you hear, please leave a rating and a review (pretty please?). The more subscribers and reviews we get, the more opportunities we get to grow this podcast and bring you richer content.

And don’t forget to follow us here at (click that blue WordPress Follow button on the right side of your screen) so you get notifications every time we post an episode blog! You can also follow The Mugly Truth on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Audio content belongs to The Mugly Truth Podcast and may only be used for promoting The Mugly Truth Podcast. Downloading our material means you agree to our terms that usage of this audio will be for promotional purposes only and not associated with any content that promotes hate or violence and that you will provide the name of the show, episode and air date in which our audio promo is used. Thank you so much! If you wish to provide a promo to us to be used in a future episode of The Mugly Truth Podcast, please contact us at

Notes from Kris & Kym

Mugly Truth Christmas 2018 Gift Giveaway CONTEST

Mugly Truth Christmas 2018 Gift Giveaway


The contest begins December 11, 2018 and ends December 21, 2018. It is a random drawing with no restrictions on who can participate. Completing a qualifying action equals one entry. There are multiple ways to enter the contest as described in “How To Enter” below. The winner’s name will be announced on our December 25th podcast episode and a video of the drawing will be posted on our Instagram account.

Once the winner is announced, the winner will have until January 1, 2019 (7 days), to contact us by email at The winner will need to provide their name, mailing address, email and phone number. This contact information is only for the purposes of the contest in delivering the prize to the winner. The information will remain private, will not be shared, and will not be retained for any purpose other than delivering the contest prize. Please note delivery may not be possible to a PO Box address.

If the winner fails to contact us by the end of January 1, 2019, a new winner will be drawn from the same pool of names, and announced on the next episode of the podcast. The new winner will have 7 days to contact us, in the same manner as described above.


We have given you SO MANY WAYS to enter! Check it out! Do one, some or all of these things to boost your chances of winning.

If you have already followed/liked/subscribed/ or reviewed our podcast prior to the contest, you are already entered!

So here is what you can do to enter:

Follow Us!

  1. Follow us on our website at by clicking on the blue follow button on the right sidebar of any blog post
  2. Follow us on Instagram at
  3. Follow us on Twitter at
  4. Like our Facebook page at

Subscribe and Download, Rate and Review On iTunes

  1. Subscribe and download our podcast episodes via the Apple Podcast app or through the iTunes store at The Mugly Truth Podcast. Take a screenshot or photo showing you’re subscribed and email it to (that’s the only way we’ll know you’ve subscribed since iTunes doesn’t tell us who our subscribers are).

  2. Rate and Review our podcast (we can only track reviews, so if you only rate us, we can’t count it).

Post a Worst Gift Story Using #MuglyTruthChristmas2018

PLEASE PLEASE post an original story about your worst gift ever (doesn’t have to be a Christmas gift). Use the hashtag #MuglyTruthChristmas2018 and tag us!

  1. Post a story on Instagram, use the hashtag, tag us @themuglytruth
  2. Tweet on Twitter, use the hashtag, tag us @MuglyThe
  3. Post a story on your Facebook page, use the hashtag, tag us @themuglytruth
  4. Go to our website, post your story in the comments section of our blog announcement.

We will try to read as many stories as possible in a future episode, so if, for some reason, you don’t want us to read your story, or use your name, please indicate that in your story. And, while pictures are not a requirement for entry, they will make the post a lot more fun! We’d love to see photos of your “worst gift” if you still have it. If not, a lovely picture of you sipping coffee from your favorite mug will be just as wonderful!

Repost/Retweet/Share Each New Contest Post (don’t forget to use #MuglyTruthChristmas2018)

  1. Repost each new contest update we make on Instagram
  2. Retweet each new contest update we Tweet on Twitter
  3. Share each new contest update we post on Facebook

Like and Tag Each New Contest Post

  1. For Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, each time we post a new update, LIKE the post AND tag friends in the comments section. Please note tagging your friends does not enter them into the contest, they will need to enter as outlined in HOW TO ENTER

That’s it…that’s ALLL the ways you can enter. How can you NOT participate? We will be posting short shot episodes, blogs or updates as needed to bring more information about the gift itself and to address questions that might come up.

QUESTIONS? Email us at

DISCLAIMER: This is all for fun and for free and we are having a great time with this. The contest prize giveaway is paid for by Kym and Kris. There are no strings attached for participants, no list to be used for marketing purposes, entrants’ usernames will not be shared or given out to any marketing companies. This is a simple random drawing with a gift lovingly created by Kris and Kym. There is no third party company running the contest or in charge of tracking entries or computing results and there are no sponsors providing any portion of the gift as a promotion. It’s just you and us, kid. 

We reserve the right to refuse entry of any comments posted on our social media sites that contain derogatory, hateful, degrading, or threatening language. Basically, trolls need not apply.

Notes from Kris & Kym

The Mugly Truth on iTunes and Spotify!

We are really there…right on iTunes Podcast listing!

Happy Thursday all dear friends, listeners and droppers-by!

Great news! The Mugly Truth Podcast is now on iTunes, Spotify, and Overcast (a podcast app). Check other podcast apps…you should be able to find us when you search for “The Mugly Truth”!

So please go to iTunes or wherever else you listen to podcasts and subscribe. The more listeners we get, the more opportunities we’ll have to provide richer content and eventually offer merchandise. We’d love to sell t-shirts, mugs, and other tchotchkes right here for all our listeners!!

And like we stated in an early episode, we would also eventually love to give back to the communities and movements that are dear to our hearts by donating select merchandise sales.

SO! SUBSCRIBE at iTunes and write a quick review and leave us a few stars (5 would be AHHHH-MAZINNNNG!)! And follow here, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more ways to enjoy The Mugly Truth. We’re also talking about putting the podcast episodes on YouTube at some point, so be on the lookout for the announcement when that is available!

And PLEASE talk to us…your feedback is so valuable. Any thoughts, comments or stories you have that relate to anything we talk about on any of the episodes is so very welcome. Constructive criticism, supportive comments…all are welcome. We love to talk, but boy do we prefer to talk to YOU, that’s why we’re here, so knowing we make your day a little funnier or thought provoking is so good to hear.

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas for topics! Use our contact page to email us at!

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Notes from Kris & Kym

The Barren Field of…

I was excited to receive my newest coffee mug addition that I ordered on Amazon.  As you can see, whomever packaged this mug clearly grows their f*&ks in that same barren field.  Darn it all to heck. – Kym 😉

IMG_0924 Continue reading “The Barren Field of…”