Death und Spiders

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Today’s blog is short. Today’s episode, eh, not so much. But today’s episode is straight from the heart. Unscripted. No lists. No websites to reference. No links to stuff into the end of this post. We recorded today’s episode in the aftermath of the helicopter crash that killed nine people, including Kobe Bryant. We recorded today’s episode the day after Kym’s father passed away. Given the option to go dark for this week, Kym said, “Nope, let’s record,” so we did. We set up in her front porch, overlooking her yard, watching squirrels, birds, and lizards as we talked. We tackled the obvious: loved ones are not guaranteed to us forever and ever. It’s easy enough to believe we’ll have a certain number of years with each other, but the reality is sometimes they leave without any notice. Tell the ones you love, “I love you”, and remind them how much you care about them being in your life. Family, friends, pets. Let them know.

We also ponder how the role we play in people’s lives does not automatically grant us respect – or love. Respect is earned. But love is too. Honestly, there are many layers of love. We love chocolate, yeah? We love weekends. We love our parents and our kids. We love our significant other. We love driving down that long stretch of highway at daybreak. We love our country. We’re told to love everyone because love is the answer and the key to all healing. Right?

Dare we say…some love is earned. Real, deep, true emotional love is so precious – not to be given away frivolously or expect to be handed to us in spite of bad circumstances or behavior. Simply put, not everyone is entitled to this precious connection. And then there’s the fact that none of us love – or grieve – the same way. We adore celebrities we have never met and struggle to find good in a person vitally entangled in our lives. Some may potently feel the loss of a superstar, yet not know exactly how to feel when a family member who has created a lifetime of chaos crosses over. The gamut of emotions in such a situation can sometimes be accompanied by guilt and confusion. “I shouldn’t feel so sad about this celebrity” or “I should feel sadder about my family member.” Nope.

There’s no right way to feel after news of death hits us. There’s possibly a sense of relief, or confusion, hurt, anger, sadness, or sometimes nothing at all in varying stages and degrees. Grief is organic and intimately personal. It takes time to process…though that “time” cannot be dictated by anyone…not even ourselves.

So we just talked. Talked about those 9 souls in the helicopter, talked about Kym’s cantankerous dad, and talked about some of our favorite podcasts. And then, just to lighten things up, Kym sent Kris into on-air spasms of shivers by recounting her most recent arachnid encounter. It’s all pretty typical, just two old friends talking about important things, and about things that aren’t so very important at all – wrapped up in a circular conversation. Such is The Mugly Truth Podcast.

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Episode 06: Only Brats

Yep. Kris and Kym…are only brats. There are plenty of pros and cons with Only Child Syndrome. We had everything we needed, most of what we wanted. We never had to fight for the last cupcake, always got to ride shotgun (unless both parents were in the car) and we were the center of the Universe (we like to believe. And maybe still do…*sideeye*). And yet there were a lot of lonely days, and when things went south at home (because, you know, even in the very healthiest and happiest of households that happens) there was no one to turn to, to share the fear or the sadness with. There wasn’t a brother to feel safe with, there wasn’t a sister to whisper and giggle with. There was just…ourselves. And not all experiences for only children are like this, in fact, our experiences are quite different from each other although we both expressed that similar overall feeling of loneliness.  A lot depends on the parents and Kym is proof one parent can more than compensate for one not so great BioPU (Biological Parental Unit…pronounced bio-poo for good reason). When both parents are trying to get their lives together and rebuild and work and cope…sometimes the child gets a bit lost in the mix (Kris). And while we’re not going to outright say, “hey, that’s ok really, we ended up fine,” because it’s really NOT totally ok…there is an element of peace in that statement. Because we both did. And here we are, one raising two girls, one having raised a daughter…and all the offspring are doing a-ok. Because even though we’re only children, we really did learn how to share (I always say the ultimate and supreme sacrifice of love is letting the one you love have that last bite of cake) and we took the things we didn’t want to carry into our motherhood and made a real effort to do things differently for our children. Even better, we took the things we DID love and learn from our parents to be pretty decent parents ourselves. We think. We have expressly forbidden said offspring to indicate otherwise in any fashion verbal, body language, Snapchat, texting, YouTube rants, tweeting videos, IG IMs, etc., etc., etc., et al, legal verbiage infinity.

Just kidding. Titter teehee laugh laugh.

A bit selfish? Check.

Confident with being alone? Check check.

Center of the Universe? CHECK CHECK CHE….

Just kidding. AHHGAIN.


Well-adjusted and loving life? Definitely maybe could be possible Check.

Working on the above? For sure CHECK.

There’s lots of good in being an only child, and a lot of wishful thinking…

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