Resting Bitchfest

Kris and Kym Old Orange
Kris must have said something off color but Kym clearly doesn’t mind at all.

Kym and Kris and Dog!

HEY HI!! How was your week? Was it as “interesting” as ours?? Have you been stressing out? Ready to throw in the towel?  Pretty much think people suck? You need to just let it all out??? Ok. THIS is the perfect episode for YOU! You NEED to listen because HONEY we are right there with you. Kris comes in pretty damned hot, Kym is in all kinds of pain (mostly because she’s cramping AND she tucked and rolled during a walk in the park), and we cannot BELIEVE we have even more traffic stories, including guys who drive around pregnant women in the crosswalk for a bagel, guys who park in no-parking spots, guys who honk the second the light turns green, women driving while reading….Wait. Who are we kidding. This is Southern California. We could have a podcast ranting ONLY about traffic every single day.

By the way, have you seen the meme where someone zip-ties shopping carts to a car’s door handle in the grocery store parking lot? INSPIRING.


We also talk(bitch) about gaining weight, crappy Fitbits, the pain of getting back to the gym, and then before you know it, we mention a dog story and BOOM! Just like in real life where we’re walking down the street deep in conversation, as soon as a dog comes into the picture we STOP! We FORGET EVERYTHING! We see, hear, and speak nothing but PUPPYPUPPYPUPPY and go absofreakinglutley gaga over dogs.

But wait! (Again) There’s MORE! This is our lucky number 13 episode! We don’t talk about that, but we thought we’d mention it here.

We share our Mom of the Year Stories about teaching our daughters how to burp nowhere near like little ladies, PLUS we have a Grandpa Joke AND a Grandpa Fart Story.

Captain Looseass to the rescue!

BURPING AND FARTING. Fellas, it’s alllll about making up for the cramps story. You’re welcome.

And just like that it all settles…it all calms…and all of a sudden…we are all about the Namaste.

Oh and by the way, Elon Musk, do we have an idea for YOU!!! 

So lookie-here friends. We are here for you. If our misery helps you feel not so alone…if our pain brings a smile to your face…if our bitchfest makes you LOL…WHAT THE HELLNATION IS WRONG WITH YOU?

I mean…our job is done for another week!! And hey, we prove that in the end, it all works out and life is pretty great.

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Location photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer at 500px





5 thoughts on “Resting Bitchfest”

  1. Love! So go to YouTube and look up the happy honk or bless your horn…..so fun. As for pumpkin spice season, I think ally and I are single handedly keeping our Starbucks in business ordering pumpkin spice lattes! My scale doesn’t like it though so I started ordering nonfat pumpkin spice latte… and on a sidenote I’ve already decorated some of my house With fall colors. I had a friend tell me to pump the brakes….hell no, Starbucks in selling pumpkin spice therefore it must be time to decorate for fall! Bring on all this fall and Halloween! Summer lovers….bless your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am doing my PSL part with Starbucks as well. I love Fall, sweaters, boots, and anything pumpkin. I love that you have already started decorating! I am right there with you. YES!!! SUMMER LOVERS, BLESS YOUR HEART! I’m going to check out those two YouTube suggestions as well! This episode…wow! I Had NO idea when we recorded this episode what was to come for me with regards to my doctor’s appointments and all. I think an update short shot or espresso shot is in order there once all is said and done! 🙂 Love you so much and thank you so much for listening – Kym


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