The Good, the Strange, and the Unusual

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You know there are quite a few times where we drop an episode on the heels of “A Week From Hell” and this is one of them. It was just THAT kind of week last week. But THIS episode isn’t a bitchfest, like we’ve done in the past. Nope. We dragged our tired, sorry, barely-functioning selves into this episode with GOOD NEWS and WEIRD STORIES and you know what? By the end of the recording we were laughing, uplifted and felt like a bit of weight had been removed from our shoulders. We hope it does the same for you. So if you’re ready for good, strange, and unusual stories (unusual = a nice way for us to say WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, fyi), go on over to wherever you listen to us jabber, and settle in for some spirit raising. Not the Halloween ghosty kind…but you know that is right around the corner, WAHOOO!

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. Even though Kris swears the WTF week was to be blamed on mercury retrograde, she’d be wrong. It ended on August 1, but it’s possible there’s some residual cosmic two-by-four whacking still hanging in the ether. Also, in regards to Kris working as a candy-striper and Kym having her baby while Kris worked in admitting: Kris was a candy-striper at the hospital in high-school, but a few years later went back to work in the Admitting department which is when Kym rolled in ready to have that kid! Either way, Kris was not and never will be qualified to tell anyone how dilated their cervix is.

Moving on. Coff coff.

For the Good News stories, please feel free to visit our favorite warm-fuzzy website, GoodNewsNetwork.org for photos and details of the articles we talk about, but also for so much more that’s good for your heart and soul:

  • For the Australian study about trees making communities a better place, click here.
  • For the adulting list, click here.
  • For the Hyundai solar Sonata Hybrid article, click here.
  • For the coral reefs revival in Hawaii article, click here. Also, as Kris so, ah, eloquently stated…or tried to…coral reefs are NOT plants, they ARE animals, and this NOAA article says so much better than Kris ever could because they’re scientists and smartypants and stuff.
  • For the heartwarming dog stories, read about Steve Grieg’s senior dog rescue family here, (and his Instagram account with pics with his dogs, pig, rabbit AND chicken…yes he is amazing ladies and gentlemen…is here); for the story about six-legged puppy Roo, click here.
  • To read about the anxious elderly woman and her gallant hero on the plane, click here.
  • For the other stories we discuss, go ahead and check out goodnewsnetwork.org.

BUT! Before we head into our Strange and Unusual Stories, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a small singing break. Here’s a clip of Billy Crystal in City Slickers and his rendition of Rawhide:

You’re welcome.

And now on to the Strange and the Unusual:

  • For the Colorado stories: the big city cattle herding with the longhorn who took a break from the festivities is here ; the creepy crawly ew ew ew tarantulas on the hunt for mates is here. (SHIVERTWITCHshivershiver. Shiver.)
  • For the real Snow White’s gravestone story, click here.
  • For the Farmer Boys Bacon Intern Job, click here. Hurry! You only have until 20 August 2019 to apply!
  • For the “octopiss” biting woman’s face story, read here. And if you have to read the bat-eating spider story which is in TEXAS of these here United States and NOT Australia which is sooooo very, very much farther away from us than Texas which is now waaaay too close to California, click here but why would you. (Dear future Kris, please do not move to Texas either.)
  • For the 5-year old Florida boy who had to have pizza STAT and the police who brought it to him, read here.
  • For the idiot prince of toxic masculinity who called in a bomb threat on a Lufthansa flight in order to get a date with a flight attendant, forget it. We’re not promoting that jerk. FOR. SHAME. And TSK also.
  • For all other stories, go ahead and Google that stuff, we have things to do, people.

As for that Shoe Tart video Kris posted on Facebook 9 years and a closet full of stilettos ago, here you go (sorry about the audio quality):

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© The Mugly Truth 2019 and © The Mugly Truth Podcast 2019. All rights reserved.
Intro and outro music, “Clever as a Fox”  by Espresso Music through premiumbeats.com.
Feature Newspaper and Coffee photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com
City Slickers clip courtesy YouTube, Castle Rock Entertainment, Distributed by Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures.
Shoe Tart video courtesy of Kristen Core © 2019 All rights reserved.

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