Marriage-Whys Advice
Kris and Kym have questions about long-term marriage secrets, Kim may just have some answers! Photo by Kimberly Sickel @riverdeer at 500px

Kris and Kym welcome Kim (yes, not confusing at all, we know) to the show to talk about the whys and hows of long term relationships.

Alright, alright…we talk about…THE “M” WORD.

Not Mississippi. Not a magnolia. Not a monkey. Not a mountebankery. We don’t even know what a mountebankery is.

Nope. (We DO talk about mischief though.)


Hey, look. Amongst us there are (more than two) divorces and a 31 year wedding anniversary. Guess who has the answers to those pesky “why?” and “how?” and “no, seriously, WTF?” and “REALLY, HOW HOW HOW?” questions? Wanna guess who is asking most of those questions? Kris says “hallooo!”

But honestly, there’s some really great insights (and quite a few guffaws) about the ups and downs of having a committed, intimate relationship with one person or an entire lifetime.

One of us is still confused, but learning every day.

And who’s putting bets on Kym having a story about some kind of shenanigans she was up to back in the day? Possibly even last week?

Golly. You’ll just have to give it a listen to find out!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

By the way, the definition of mountebankery is: 1 : a person who sells quack medicines from a platform. 2 : a boastful unscrupulous pretender : charlatan. Your challenge this week is to use the word mountebankery in a sentence, preferably with pointed finger and a confused onlooker.

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Location photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer at 500px




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