New Year Resolutions

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Ciao 2018! Don’t let the door hit you on the tuchas! Hello 2019! Bring. It. On.

Happy Tuesday and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2018 you BEEEYOTCH. Today we talk about New Year resolutions. You either love them or hate them, you either keep them or break them. What are your resolutions for this year? Any money on the table on how fast you are going to wash your hands of them? Or do you have a wonderful, healthy strategy for helping you succeed in your life changes?

Today is all about the most common resolutions people make. We talk about the average time it takes for people to break their resolutions but also cover ideas about how to create realistic goals and the tools that are available to help keep you on track. So if you’re wanting to stop smoking, start working out, meditate, eat healthy, read more, learn a new skill, take up a hobby, fulfill a bucket list, lose weight, be more positive, travel more, get a new job, buy a house, save money….guess what: there’s an app for helping you with that.

We also talk about our own goals and strategies. Any bets on the first resolution we talk about NOT trying to do?

Hint: it’s fucking obvious, duh.

** side-eye **

But no matter what happens with our personal resolutions, we do resolve as your cohosts and cohorts to bring you 52 weeks of non-stop chatter, mispronounced words, creative facts, laughter, and lots of opinions. You’re welcome. SO…here’s to more coffee, more abstract conversations, and lots and lots of goofiness. Bring it on 2019. We are ready to meet you head on.

Good luck with your own goals, and we wish you all good health, beautiful love, joyfulness, prosperity, and friendship! We are excited to bring you a brand new year of fun and thank you for all your support!

Sparkler New Year's Eve
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