Black Friday Hangover

Kris and Kym in Old Orange, CA
Just sitting here behind the store keeping the thieves away. And drinking coffee of course. Always drinking coffee. Photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer at 500px

Happy Tuesday! In today’s episode of The Mugly Truth, Kris and Kym talk about the lengths people will go to to save a buck buying stuff the day after being so grateful for all the stuff they already have. Yep, it’s the episode about the day after Thanksgiving in America: a strange retail phenomenon called Black Friday where people sleep in tents and stand in line for hours in front of stores waiting for them to open at unnatural hours, and employees who run for their lives (literally) after unlocking the doors to let those insa…erm…hearty people inside.

First of all, let’s take a moment to shout out to REI who not only closes on Thanksgiving, but also does not open for the madness on Black Friday. WOOT REI!

Gifts at the ready
Shopping for Christmas can be fun and lovely, even on Black Friday if you’re a savvy shopper, or lucky. Or maybe totally insane. But go ahead, you go. We’ll be over here drinking coffee. 

So, some might enjoy the excitement of finding that perfect gift at deeply discounted prices – let’s face it, the deals are definitely amazing – and there ARE people all over the country who shop on Black Friday as a fun adventure and treat others respectfully while they shop.

But damn, there are also a small number of people who will drive over you in the parking lot to steal that newly acquired toy from your almost-dead hand.

Think we’re kidding? Go to blackfridaydeathcount.com (yep it’s a thing) to find out just how volatile the need to get more stuff for less money can get. Unfortunately, there are too many news reports riddled with videos of people brawling for a flat screen television…





Mob stampeding, fist fights, grabbing, kicking, stealing and even shooting or stabbing, the day after we celebrate our national day of thankfulness. If it wasn’t so disgusting we’d be laughing our asses off at the irony of it all.

Kym was a BF shopper back in the day (when it was a bit more relaxed), because the woman has no problem waking up at 5 a.m. regardless of not needing to get up that early (seriously, what the heck Kym. What. The. Heckfire?!?), and enjoyed the thrill of the hunt! But as the years progressed, and the need for Rent-A-Fences and corraling shoppers grew, Kym decided it’s not as fun as it used to be.  Kris NEVER liked Black Friday shopping, avoids going outside at all costs the day after Thanksgiving and prefers shopping in cyberspace (if at all) on Black Friday. See, it involves pajamas, coffee, couch, pillows, and quiet…sweet, serene, empty, madness-free quiet. Brick and mortar stores are better saved for Grey Saturday or Ecru Sunday, or Taupe Tuesday as far as she’s concerned.

Kym talks (a little too informed, Kris thinks) about the current state of theft schemes nasty crooks are up to lately, which segues into a discussion about assho…not nice people who follow delivery trucks around and steal packages off people’s doorsteps. The best part is they’re usually too stupid to realize (or care) their mugs (not the coffee kind) are on video surveillance. Well, we guess if they were thinky folk they might actually have jobs. (Yes, you’re right. Thinky is not a word.)

Of course, we wrap up the episode talking about the best way to deter those jer…not nice people. Hint: it involves exploding boxes of…well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

Cyber shopping
Cyber shopping keeps you out of the Black Friday crowds, but then you have to deal with doorstep thieves.

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