Disney 101

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Today we talk about one of our most favorite places in the world, DISNEYLAND! And, unlike Episode 33 Disneyline, we spend most of this show talking about our favorite memories growing up with Disneyland over the last, ahemmmmmmmph, 50 years, the attractions from opening day which are still in use today (aside from Covid-closure), Disney parks trivia, the new level of entry-checks for Downtown Disney, and celebrities who have worked at Disneyland.

We also talk about one of the most famous castmembers who isn’t a movie star: Maynard. If you haven’t met him yet, and you will be visiting Disneyland in the future, just ask if Maynard is working as you pass through the turnstiles. If the castmember doesn’t know, then you’ll have to check The Tiki Room or The Haunted Mansion and keep your fingers crossed and your camera ready! He is so beloved, his fans have created a Facebook page called Fans of Maynard, The Amazing Disneyland Castmember.

Kris was lucky enough to meet Maynard at The Tiki Room in 2011.

Following are links to the many articles we referenced as well as additional information about questions raised during our conversation. And here is the point we need to officially acknowledge, we had technical difficulties with the phone-in recording so the sound quality is not up to our usual standards.

  • Disney Plus Lineup. For the list of what’s on Disney Plus, which was updated August 14, check Disney Plus Shows and Movies.
  • Disney Merchandise. Check out their official merchandise at Shop Disney. Good luck getting that 65th Anniversary merch. Sniff.
  • Micechat.com. Check here for the Downtown Disney reopening article 65th Anniversary Tragic Celebration. Subsequent posts on the website indicate crowd levels have lowered quite nicely.
  • Fresh Baked! Here is the link to the Fresh Baked YouTube video celebrating Disney’s 65th anniversary.
  • Daps Magic. And here is the link to the Daps Magic YouTube fan celebration of the Disney anniversary.
  • Rocket to Where? The Rocket to the Moon ride later turned into Mission From Mars. Thaaaaaaat’s right. NOWWWW we remember. Still boring, sorry not sorry.
Skyway at Disneyland. Photo courtesy Wikipedia, public domain.
People Mover at Disneyland. Photo courtesy Gene Spesard/Flickr via Wikipedia. License info here.
  • People Mover and SKYWAY. Of all the rides no longer around, the People Mover and Skyway are two thumbs up from both Kym and Kris for making a comeback. And, by the way, it’s NOT called Sky Tram. It’s ok Kris. You were so close.
  • Original Opening Day Attractions. Here’s the Orange County Register article written by Mark Eades from July 16, 2015, Disneyland Opening Day: These Were the Rides and Exhibits in 1955.
Kris’ mini-haul from the Etsy shop Sick Soaps, as highlighted on Graveyard girl. Yes, the Dole Whip soap and mist smell JUST like the the Dole Whips at the park.
  • Sick Soaps! Do yourself a favor and visit this Etsy store, Sick Soaps. The Dole Whip pack aroma will take you right back to that line outside the Tiki Room…and is that Hat Box ghost not just the very best?!?! The Jack Skellington bar smells wonderfully like pumpkin spice. There’s other themes (OHMIGAWD THE VOLDEMORT SOAP!) to choose from, AND she makes face masks. You know where you’re shopping for Christmas now, don’t you!?
  • SWEET TRIVIA! We data-mined Popsugar.com and while we didn’t reference ALL their trivia, we sure used a lot of it. If you’re a fan of all things Disney, Popsugar.com is your holy grail of information. Knock yourself out. But definitely check out both of the articles we referenced and then have fun chasing Alice down the trivia rabbit hole: 41 Insane Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Disneyland, by Macy Cate Williams from February 11, 2020 and 55 International Disney Park Differences Only Hardcore Fans Will Notice by Brinton Parker from March 9, 2020.
  • NO SMOKING ANYWHERE. Nope. Not even in those teeny tiny spots found in the far corners of the park back in the day. There’s no smoking in the park, between the parks, or Downtown Disney, according to this page on the Disney website.
  • Doctor Jones I Presume. For that AMAZING article about the Indiana Jones ride easter eggs, check out this D23 article.
  • Eeyore Parking Only. For the “hidden Eeyore” in the Indiana Jones ride, check this out. Obviously Kris has not been looking in the right corner.
  • Mystic Manor. For a YouTube virtual ride, watch this video for the awesome Hong Kong Disney Mystic Manor.
  • Sweet Dreams! If you’re lucky on your visit to Walt Disney World in Florida…you might just get to sleep in the luxury suite of the Cinderella castle.
  • Disneyland’s Who’s Who. Here is the Ranker.com list of celebrities who used to work for Disneyland parks.

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Featured photo Mickey Mouse Ice Cream by Liza Lova on Pexels.com



Disney Ticket Book
Disneyland Ticket Book. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons Source: w:en:File:DisneyTicketBook_wbelf.jpg Author: Elf

Kris at DIsneyland circa 1969/1970
Toddler Kris learning to use a straw at Disneyland millions of years ago. Hey, cute hat! Photo courtesy Kristen Core.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the – SO IRONIC, considering – longest episode in Mugly Truth history! Maybe. We think. Anyway, we talk a LOT today because we are passionate about our subject: Disneyland! We’ve been going to Disneyland pretty much since the day(s) we were born, eventually becoming annual pass-holders for decades. And we are both going through the withdrawals from being newly post-AP. Yep. The prices, the crowds…the prices…did we mention the crowds? *** sigh *** They priced-crowded us out after all these years.  But as much as we miss Disneyland, we DON’T miss the stress of thousands of people shuffling through Main Street, nor do we miss the $1000 hit to our wallets.

So today we examine our love-hate relationship with the (Not Always) Happiest Place on Earth. We recall the magical glory days of the excitement driving through that archway that gloriously announced DISNEYLAND, finding a parking spot right up front if you were lucky (or got there early), and walking right up to the ticket kiosks and through the turnstiles. The magic was palpable and the day would be long, but enchanting. And damn did it feel good to get in bed later that night, feet hurting and head spinning with all the fun we had. Every year Disneyland was the number one birthday gift on the list.

Disneyland Anaheim aerial view
Aerial shot of Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons

We revisit our high school days, going to Videopolis and dancing the night away, watching swing dancers at Carnation Plaza, shrinking down to molecule size on the Adventures Thru Inner Space, gliding high above everyone’s heads on the People Mover and Skyway gondolas, and spinning around on the original rocket ride for a literal bird’s-eye view of the park.

Adventure Thru Inner Space
The queue line for Adventure Thru Inner Space, which has since been replaced with Star Tours. The People Mover can be seen on the left above the microscope, which has been replaced by a star speeder in the Star Tours attraction. Photo courtesy WIkipedia Commons. Author: Spacemountainmike

Jeez, we’re even old enough to remember the ORIGINAL lyrics to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride song. Don’t get us started on ALL THE CHANGES to POTC. Oh wait, yeah, we go there.

We STILL wants the redhead!

Pirates of the Caribbean: We Wants The Redhead!
The Take a Wench for a Bride vignette that is the latest in the Pirate of the Caribbean attraction’s history to get hacked up into a new, unoffensive, homogenized scene that will eventually somehow manage to offend a whole new generation in T-minus 20 years. Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:DearCatastropheWaitress

But, as magical as Disneyland continued to be well into our adult lives, the last few years the crowds have caused more than discomfort for us (severe panic attack on Main Street anyone? No? Ok, just Kris then). We’d maybe find a way to scrounge up the $1100-$1500 annual pass cost if it wasn’t for the damned crowds. It’s a delicate subject for a lot of people. Go onto any Disney forum and you’ll hear gripes on both sides…people who think price-complainers are welcome to stay away and good riddance, and those – like us – who are going through serious pangs missing being able to drive up to our favorite date-night spot on a whim (if your pass allowed), mosey through either park, people watch, ride a couple favorite rides, and maybe stay for some lovely fireworks.

And now that Star Wars Land (really, what IS the name of the new land??) is a thing, well, we probably won’t ride that tram (Kris) or bus (Kym) to the most crowded place on earth, walk under those venerable railroad tunnels, and emerge wide-eyed and lightheaded from all that pixie dust for quite awhile now. Nope, standing in a 2-hour line for a 4-minute ride with three or four hundred people in denim Disney button-festooned vests just isn’t our thing anymore. By the way, Disney gangs, what terrible deeds did you have to do to earn your badges? (Patches? Rags?)

Dear Hell’s Angels, please school us on the proper phrase. And we don’t need to know the details on what YOU did to earn the badgespatchesrags. Thanks. 

So if you miss the fun of it all and can’t handle the quiet Friday nights, then maybe consider Kym’s proposal of a Knott’s Berry Farm annual ticket. She makes quite a compelling argument for the switchover! And to wrap things up, Kris talks about a Reader’s Digest article from July 2018 (23 Magical, Mind-Blowing Facts About Disneyland) which has some slightly eyebrow raising (not necessarily mind blowing if you are a real Disneyphile) bits o’ trivia you might not have heard of before. (Oh, and here’s an Amazon link to the book we talk about, Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland.)

Someday we will return to our beloved Disneyland, because we know we can’t stay away too long. Yes. Someday we’ll save up for that magical 14 hour day…someday that’s a blockout date for everyone but the richy-rich top tier pass holders. Someday when it’s raining buckets and all the newbies who don’t know that’s the PERFECT time to go end up staying home (thank you). Ah, yes. Someday. Unless we win the lottery. Then we’re getting our richy-rich passes, and applying for Club 33 ASAP!

But for now, we have our wonderful E Ticket memories and the idea of Walt’s dream to sustain us.

Walt Disney plans Disneyland Dec 1954
Walt shares his plans or his new-fangled amusement park called Disneyland. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ocarchives/3952964087/ Author: Orange County Archives

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