Haunted Orange

Old Timey Kym and Kris
Kym and Kris looking all old-timey in Old Town Orange.


Kym and Kris dish on their experiences while walking through haunted Old Town Orange with their wonderful HauntedOrangeCounty.com tour guide Charles! Right off the bat Kris and Charles agreed the Howe-Waffle House in Santa Ana is INTERESTING. VERY VERY INTERESTING. It was an auspicious start to the evening. (Note to Kris: Buy thesaurus).

Kris and Kym with their HauntedOrangeCounty.com ghost walk tour guide Charles.

This episode covers some of the more gruesome details of the rich history of Orange, CA, brought to life through Charles’ entertaining storytelling. You’ll not only hear our stories, but we have some excerpts of the tour itself. Listen as our group winds its way through the lovely, Victorian era streets of Old Orange, navigate groups of college students and restaurant patrons, and occasionally strain to hear over the loud mufflers, buses…and occasional drunk guys. One especially. Jeesh. There’s always That Guy in the crowd. But it all ends up ok. The cops were called and Drunk Guy teetered off into the shadows.

We learn about the Royer Mansion, which at one point was a morgue and now houses offices with more than a little of unsettling paranormal activity. We move up the street to the Elks Lodge building with that one empty storefront that just can’t seem to keep businesses around. Must be all those pesky entities pushing people down the stairs.

Moving on to that one old furniture store which doubled as an undertaker back in the day – there’s lots of eerie activity in the building that the apartment residents on the top floors find out about right around the time they sign their lease agreements. (Tip: if you’re visiting your friends who live there and happen to see a woman all dolled up 1940’s-style…do NOT follow her into the elevator. Just sayin’).

Don’t even get us started on old motorcycle gang hooligans, fiery buildings, haunted nurseries, pictures floating off walls, a hotel nested inside another building, horse ghosts (yes, you read that. Horses get to be ghosts too), and more than a few restaurant specters. There doesn’t seem to be a place in the stunning historic area surrounding the circle – um, sorry hipsters and ancient ones, THE PLAZA (#eyeroll) – where you can’t miss walking in the footsteps of creepiness.

We round off the chit-chat with a rousing game of “One-Up Our Orange Connections” with a tie.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a scale of 1-10 should you take one of the haunted town walks (Orange, Santa Ana,  Blackstar Canyon, and a new secret, soon-to-be-disclosed, location), we give it a solid 15. DO IT.

And in other news, Kym is doing GREAT and Kris’s sectional is in upheaval as she waits for a new couch. Oh, and those damned iGens went with GenZ instead. Seriously.

STORY UPDATE: There is no bull statue on top of the Sonlight building. Nope. It’s some sort of freaky bull-looking equipment. But one can be excused for wondering about a bull statue on top of a building when it’s 1) dark out and 2) in a major college town. We think #2 is our biggest case for thinking anything is possible!

Before you judge too harshly, take a look (click on the image to enlarge):

So, there you go. This is no bull.



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Episode 08: Catch-up Short Shot

Greetings! Happy Friday! Here’s a short shot episode where Kris and Kym play catch-up! We talk about the week that was, and boy was it PACKED! The latest California fire began about 5 miles from Kris’s office, there was an ER visit, foot surgery, a semi-retirement announcement (creative math was involved), a couple special mail deliveries (one was our custom made Pop Socket!), and travel, travel, travel!!! There’s also discussion about how the city of Santa Ana has changed and how Kris missed a golden opportunity to be part of an Irish punk folk band. Let’s just say accordions….sort of rock.

Today is all about catching up with each other and with YOU.

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