30 Days of Thankfulness

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How’s your November going? If it’s anything like ours you’re in a mild panic that Christmas is 40ishsumfin days away. In all fairness for us Southern California residents it’s still summer (today will have a high of 80…please visualize your favorite crying emoji here). Well, if mid-November has snuck up on you (or not), today’s episode will help you get caught up on what this month has become synonymous with: gratitude and thankfulness. We found one of those list memes which gives you a topic to be grateful for each day of the month. So of course we cover all 30 days in under 50 minutes.

We won’t spoil the surprise here, but honestly we have to say our favorite part of the entire episode is coining a new species: Snowmanimal. To even figure out how that is something Kym is grateful for, you’ll just have to give the episode a listen.

As for some of the favorites we mention in this episode, please check out the following:

  • Sean P. Lenahan If you want to be amazed by the illustrative talent of Sean P. Lenahan, please check out his website at http://www.seanplenahan.com/. Even if you’re not a fan of anime-style illustration, just watching Sean’s sped-up process videos is mind-blowing. Plus, he is honestly one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet on this entire planet AND he served in the United States Navy (and continues as a reservist). If you click on only one link in this entire blog article, please make it his. You can also follow him on Instagram and YouTube on his Gutter and Gusher channel.
  • Bernadette Banner Attention all costumers! Lovers of historical garments! Sewers! Even if you enjoy watching someone with incredible talent and skill…once you’re finished discovering Sean, go on over to Bernadette’s Instagram and YouTube channels and prepare to be amazed at her process of creating historical garments. She takes painstaking care to research and utilize all the legitimate elements, processes, and resources that go into creating garments as they would have been made in their day. This means she works with natural fibers as much as possible, and usually HAND-SEWS or uses her circa 1890’s HAND-CRANK Singer sewing machine. She is lovely, articulate, soft-spoken and quite witty. (Oh, ok, and do yourself a favor and just follow Cathy Hay here and here while you’re at it. You’re welcome. OH and American Duchess Shoes and Royal Vintage too. Ok. We’re done.)
  • Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies Don’t know if this is the exact recipe, but we’re willing to bet since they’re called “Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies” and they’re made with ground oats that this is as close as you’re gonna get to Kym’s favorite recipe.
  • CURRIED Salmon Cakes with Lemon Aioli Sauce Yeah, Kris forgot to mention why this is her favorite go-to recipe. It’s all about the curry. And the lemon of course. Because if you listened you’ll know how Kris feels about lemon.
  • Heemo Sushi Kym’s favorite “all you can eat” sushi restaurant is called Heemo, and they are in Orange at Tustin Ave. and Katella. You can follow their Facebook page here.
  • Knowlwood Restaurant Santa Ana Raise a mug to a bygone era of awesome kitschy dining. Kris mentioned Knowlwood’s in Santa Ana closed down and it’s a shame because that was a fun restaurant. The food may have been so-so – with the exception of those Irish Nachos – but the decor made it a nostalgic experience. It’s really a shame. There are, presumably, other stores in Irvine and Anaheim Hills, but the Santa Ana diner was a part of our growing up…we ate there as kids and then took our kids there, so we are sad to say goodbye. By the way…what the HELL is “Old Town Irvine” Do we call things dating way back to the 1970s “old town” now? How is this even possible. This world. This world kills Kris. THERE IS NO OLD TOWN IRVINE. STOP IT NOW.
  • Benji’s Deli Here’s Benji’s, since we’re on a nostalgic dining kick.

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Featured Photo of Spiral Stained Glass courtesy of Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com.

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