Episode 05: Traff**k

Whoa boy. Ok kids. We’ve been put in a time out because the salty language was flung far and wide today. So much so that we actually added a NSFW disclaimer at the beginning of the episode. Truth be told (the mugly truth that is), some people will listen and just say “PFFFT! That all you got?” Others could very well feel all aflutter and aghast at our classless audacity. Others may simply unfollow. (WHAT?? Sorry. Not allowed.) Which one will you be? You won’t know until you listen! Oh. Rest assured in and around the salt is some real discussion about just exactly what kind of idio…um…

Closing eyes. Breathing. Centering. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you emerge into your happy place…

people…we come across in our daily grind in Southern California traffic.  Who’s your “favorite” moro…


Breathing. BREATHING. Centeringcenteringcentering

person to share the road with? The Tailgater? The Cutter? The Chaser? Blocker? Boxer? His Royal Highness Pete The Oblivious? The Kardashian Update Texter?

Man do we ever cover some doozy stories of our own.

And there are so many more we forgot! Such as The Creeper…you know…the @#$%! who gets as far ahead of everyone else as possible in the shoulder or offramp before merging? Or the *#*@&! who actually use the shoulder as a full lane to exit a mile away?! (Hey buddy!! The rest of us are over here minding our business in this damn 30-minute mile-long line, fuming, having to pee, worrying about what’s for dinner – did I mention URINATION??? – waiting to get out of this GODFORSAKEN ASPHALT PURGATORY LEGALLY! What makes you so special you gotta drive down the shoulder you…)

Calming down. Calming right the f**k down…

ohmohmohmohmohm…callllllmmmm callllmmm callllllmmmity calm…c’moooon

Breathing (hyperventilating?)

Namaste you f*@#!%

SEE? Traff**k.

But just to make matters light we offer an alternative to swearing and cursing. Actually, we offer a different type of cursing…that of the “May you forevermore blow a tire every time you drive down the shoulder for no good reason other than you’re a selfish, entitled little c$*#$twa@waff%@!” variety. You know, the kind that comes with a lightning bolt, thunder strike and cackle. And a few flash-bangs. We come up with a few good ones. It’s a good way to let off some steam and not lose your cool at the same time.

So join us! Click the Libsyn link below to merge into our Episode 05: Traff**k lane!


Hey, let us know if you come up with a curse of your own! Follow us HERE (see that little blue button up there on the right?), Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to leave us your own epic tales of driving or the curses you fling along the way, or email us here at sipsters@themuglytruth.com!

You can also download the episode directly from our Libsyn podcast page at: http://themuglytruth.libsyn.com/. Download all our episodes and listen everywhere you go!

And hey, in all seriousness, nothing is worth your life and the lives of those around you. It’s a crazy, packed world out there, we’re all trying our best to get through each day, some of us fail miserably once in awhile and those are the times we need to have the most tolerance and patience. Let someone in, use your blinker, wait for the next light…slow down (yass Kris?) and for the love of God put your phone down. Please, get home to your family, your pets, or your favorite book alive, calm, and well. Take care of yourselves and each other. (KRIS…ARE YOU LISTENING??? Tsk.)

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