Are You Hungary?

Kym In Budapest
Kym on vacation in Budapest, Hungary!


Happy Tuesday and hello week 2 of 2019! In today’s episode, Are You Hungary?, Kym recaps her adventures in her grandmother’s homeland of Hungary.  Her trip proved a lot may be different across the globe from continent to continent, country to country, city to city, but so much is also the same.

For instance:

  1. Teenagers – Ahh, the lovely demeanor of a teenager. To shake things up, make it a local bit…teen, and you’re a tourist. Can’t you just SMELL the insolence? If they’re sitting in your assigned bus seat, they’re not going to give a solid rat’s ass about how much you paid for it – you silly not-us person – and they will roll their eyes at you and make your life a living hell when you get adulty with them.
  2. Karma – Karma IS a bitch all over the globe, and one of those little brats on the bus found that out sooner than later. Can we get a ginormous “TEE-HEE”??
  3. The Knight Bus – The Knight Bus might be a fictional mode of transportation in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but it’s very possible she got real life inspiration from a certain Pest bus driver.
  4. Traffic – crazy drivers and traffic sucks worldwide. Yup.
  5. The Cat Cafe there’s one in Budapest and one right here at home in Southern California (Los Angeles to be exact). They’re also in Korea, Austria, Spain, Germany, France and the UK. Did we mention Taiwan? It’s safe to say in ANY location it’s always awesome to have a cuppa with a big ginger feline checking in on you at your table to say, “How are thee hooman peasants? Java good? I allow you to scratch my ear. Behold my majestic tail. And now…I leave. Meow, bitches.”
  6. Snooty Waitstaff – When Kris was a girl, her grandma shared stories about being a waitress and the very worst thing you could do to show your disdain for crappy service was leave a penny as a tip. Kym and fam would have left a certain Viennese server a single, gunky, nasty, old penny had the damned gratuity not already been included in the bill. Big snooty jerk server man. Pffft.
  7. Car accidents – It’s about as NOT FUN to be in a fender bender halfway around the world as it is at home. But it’s really interesting when you don’t know what the hell you’re supposed to do when it occurs and you can’t speak the language to find out what’s going on. No one was hurt, which is the best possible outcome no matter where you are.
  8. New Year’s Fireworks. All. Night. – Yep, it seems New Year’s Eve is celebrated by loud, happy people with lots and lots of fireworks alllllll through the night no matter where you are trying to sleep in the world.
  9. Coffee – coffee adoration is universal, and even though it might be a little more difficult to get coffee “to go” in Budapest, you can find it if you look hard enough.
  10. Love Locks – Paris isn’t the only city where you can seal your love with a lock on a gate near a river. Just sayin’. But are you a key lock person, or a combo lock person? AHA! There’s a difference…as Kym found out.
  11. Late Flights – Ohhhhhhhhh YESSSS! The supreme joy of sweating your butt off as you sprint through an airport trying to reach your connecting flight and make it in the very, very nick of time. So. Much. Fun.

Even though the similarities might have elicited a smile (or a snarl) from our intrepid cohost, they and the unique elements of Budapest and Vienna are now incredible memories and lively stories for her and the family: a vampire tour of Buda Castle, an energetic hike up Gellert Hill, crossing one (or more) of seven bridges spanning the great Danube river, trying local food and drink, writing on walls in a “ruin bar,” dipping into the splendid Széchenyi Thermal Baths, experiencing the poignant and emotional Holocaust memorial Shoes on the Danube Bank…well, go ahead and listen in to hear Kym tell it.

Oh, and sausages in Vienna are definitely NOT NOT NOT the same Vienna sausages we have here in the states. #sansgelatinousgoop #actuallyrealfood #kymsaysyum

Budapest thermal baths. Photo courtesy of Kym Wagner and Kayla Miles.
Fitting in beautifully in the country of her ancestors. Photo courtesy of Kym Wagner and Kayla Miles.
This lovely, king-of-the-scratching-post, gentleman graced Kym and family with a visit at their table at the Budapest Cat Cafe! Photo courtesy of Kym Wagner and Kayla Miles.
View from atop Gellert Hill. Photo courtesy of Kym Wagner and Kayla Miles.
Holocaust memorial along the Danube in Budapest.
Kym likes a guy in uniform. Oh, wait. KRIS likes a guy in uniform. Maybe Kym’s giving this guy Kris’ number?
Coffee love transcends borders, oceans and snooty Viennese wait-staff.
The love lock gate of Budapest.
The sign says it all! Photo courtesy of Kym Wagner and Kayla Miles.

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