31 Days of Feastember

Let the Feasting BEGIN
This week’s episode talks about all the feastable events you can celebrate every single day in December PLUS we announce our gift giveaway CONTEST. How amazing is all of this stuff? Totally. Photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer at 500px

Happy Tuesday! Today is JAM PACKED with TONS of information, our new contest rules (see below), “stolen” internet pics (WITH credit, c’mon now.) and most importantly 31 DAYS OF WAYS TO EAT IN DECEMBER! Today’s episode covers all the things besides Christmas that you can celebrate during the last month of the year. You like socks? There’s a day for that. Have a penchant for rhubarb vodka? They put aside a day for your drunk ass my friend. Want a Pal? Pick a Pathologist! (You do you honey.)

Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie
Weary Willie as portrayed Emmett Kelly.

Even Weary Willie has his own day and it turns out to be NOTHING like what Kris and Kym thought it was. Our sincere apologies for any disrespect towards the venerable actor Emmett Kelly and his lovely sad-faced hobo character.  We hang our heads (slightly) in shame. BUT! We do not regret having our minds in the gutter, because what fun would our podcast be if we didn’t slither in to the dirty side once in awhile. Ew, actually.

We pull out of that nosedive and continue to cover all sorts of fun from the 1st to the 31st, so YOU can go forth and make merry (sans-Christmas) over the little things in life. There’s National Dewey Decimal System Day (used in the LI-BRAR-Y, remember?), Pie Day (um, will the real pie day please stand up? We’re looking at you March 14.), Pearl Harbor Day, Rosa Parks Day, Wright Brothers day…you get Red Apple day, Cookie Day, Cotton Candy Day, Bathtub Party Day (they did not combine that with the Rhubarb Vodka Day, but you might be able to stretch that party out), Pawnbrokers Day….wait, hold up. Listen to the podcast man! We go over every inch of the dailies for you!

Plus we expound a bit on some events that piqued our interest. It’s a mashup of obscure and popular as we discuss celebrations including The Greater Feast of Aliester Crowley (see photo below, here is the link to the “Unexplained” podcast), Krampus (photo below),  Our Lady of Guadalupe (photo of Juan Diego’s tilma below), Chanukah, St. Lucia’s Day (see photo of Paul Hollywood’s buns below), Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Saturnalia, and so on. The real point is that every single day seems to involve feasting in some way. We are totally good with that agenda. Food totally rocks! So why not come up with Fritter Day or Cupcake Day to indulge some more? Oh wait. Yep, already a day.

And yes, we promise the contest rules are still below. Keep scrolling non-readers!

Aleister Crowley
This lovely lad is Aleister Crowley, founder of  the spiritual philosophy called Thelema. To hear more details, we highly recommend the podcast “Unexplained” by Richard Maclean Smith, Season 1, Episodes 10 and 10 Extra, in which Mr. Smith delves into the background of Mr. Crowley’s life, and how extremely bizarre (and scary) this cat really was. He has quite the reputation in Britain, and his home is Scotland was once purchased by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
That’s Krampus carrying off an unhappy juvenile delinquent. So, timeouts are no longer a thing? Just asking for a friend. Photo courtesy of theatlantic.com
St. Lucia Buns. Kris’ favorite silver fox baker Paul Hollywood featured his buns on The Great British Baking Show. They were…ahem…lovely. Thank you Paul. Photo courtesy of The Great British Baking Show.
This is the actual 500 year old tilma (cloak) of Saint Juan Diego with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe embedded into the fabric. It is a science anomaly no one can explain. Photo courtesy beliefnet.com
Courtesy SD Times Tamr
Nostalgia time!! This is how we used to find things in libraries. We had to use our thinky stuff to get a book. Fun times. Yay Dewey Decimal System! Photo courtesy of SD Times and Tamr.

Truth be told, this is just one list out of SO MANY on the internet. If you want a more somber and international flavor, check the United Nation’s list of international days of observance, or if you want inspiration to make up your own damned day to celebrate, check out this Mike Kerr’s fun workplace list. Of course, you can check out the list we used here.


Today’s episode ends the show talking about our contest Mugly Truth Christmas 2018 Gift Giveaway! YES! Our contest details are finally HERE and they are outlined below! So now you have even more to celebrate! Did we not just make December the most amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, fun-filled time of the year or what? NOW you have another reason to jump for joy! Go ahead, find out all the ways you can enter the contest (soooooo many danged ways! It’s crazy) and then go to town!

But before you dive in, can we just say we so very much want your worst gift stories. If you do nothing else at all, at least share your stories with us because we want to hear from you and read your stories on the podcast!  Ok, now…ready…set…GO!


The contest begins December 11, 2018 and ends December 21, 2018. It is a random drawing with no restrictions on who can participate. Completing a qualifying action equals one entry. There are multiple ways to enter the contest as described in “How To Enter” below. The winner’s name will be announced on our December 25th podcast episode and a video of the drawing will be posted on our Instagram account.

Once the winner is announced, the winner will have until January 1, 2019 (7 days), to contact us by email at sipsters@themuglytruth.com. The winner will need to provide their name, mailing address, email and phone number. This contact information is only for the purposes of the contest in delivering the prize to the winner. The information will remain private, will not be shared, and will not be retained for any purpose other than delivering the contest prize. Please note delivery may not be possible to a PO Box address.

If the winner fails to contact us by the end of January 1, 2019, a new winner will be drawn from the same pool of names, and announced on the next episode of the podcast. The new winner will have 7 days to contact us, in the same manner as described above.


We have given you SO MANY WAYS to enter! Check it out! Do one, some or all of these things to boost your chances of winning.

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That’s it…that’s ALLL the ways you can enter. How can you NOT participate? We will be posting short shot episodes, blogs or updates as needed to bring more information about the gift itself and to address questions that might come up.

QUESTIONS? Email us at sipsters@themuglytruth.com

DISCLAIMER: This is all for fun and for free and we are having a great time with this. The contest prize giveaway is paid for by Kym and Kris. There are no strings attached for participants, no list to be used for marketing purposes, entrants’ usernames will not be shared or given out to any marketing companies. This is a simple random drawing with a gift lovingly created by Kris and Kym. There is no third party company running the contest or in charge of tracking entries or computing results and there are no sponsors providing any portion of the gift as a promotion. It’s just you and us, kid. 

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