Sharks and Seahorses (AND OUR 100th EPISODE!)

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Wow this is a big day for The Mugly Truth Podcast! Not only do we have a HUGE topic (like everyone else in the world) discussing SHARK WEEK, we are also so excited this is our 100th episode! It’s been a tiny bit of a struggle to get here, as we’ve had some down times over the past year. We want to thank all our listeners who are the reason we keep getting back behind the mic, talking about topics that interest us and ultimately entertain you (hopefully)! So yeah, today we’re talking about sharks, Shark Week on Discovery Channel, and for the win, we’re also bringing seahorses into the fold because SEAHORSES! Trust, you’ll learn some surprising things about those sweet little critters.

We hope you enjoy listening to the episode today as we had a lot of fun recording it. If you’re not a long-time listener, or just happened onto this blog and don’t know what’s going on, this blog is a companion piece to our podcast The Mugly Truth. Our episodes air every Tuesday, and each episode is paired up with a blog post where listeners can follow up on links we discuss in the episode. It’s also where we make corrections, provide additional information, and answer questions we had in the episode.

So let’s get down to business:

  • Cable Rivalry of Titanic Proportions! Kym brought up seeing some shark shows prior to the official 9 August start of Shark Week , and wondered if it might have been National Geographic airing those shows. Yep, it sure was. National Geographic got a jump on the shark footage frenzy with their version of shark week they call SharkFest – but just to make it a serious tussle, they started their FIVE week series July 19! If you don’t have cable, you can, of course, stream on an independent subscription, but you’re out of luck with Disney Plus because it’s not on their Nat Geo hub offerings. For more information on this ginormous rivalry, this article is an interesting read.
  • You Know, THAT Guy With THAT Voice. When Kym said Adam DeVine was a Shark Week host, Kris thought she was talking about Andy Devine and was quite perplexed because he died almost 20 years before Shark Week debuted. If you don’t recognize the name or face, you’d for sure recognize the famously raspy, sing-song voice. Andy was a much beloved character actor, famously side-kicking alongside heroic cowboys in many a western on the silver screen, radio, and television. One of his best late works was voicing Friar Tuck in the 1973 Disney animated movie Robin Hood. Andy was a local in our area (Orange County, CA) and his funeral in 1977 was attended by many notable actors, including Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne.
A photo of a young Andy Devine, who was never a host on Shark Week and is definitely not Adam Devine, Adam Levine or Andy Samburg. Wikipedia Creative Commons. License information here.
  • Is He or Isn’t He? Yes. 54 year old Mike Tyson (host of this year’s Shark Week) is coming out of retirement for an exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr. in September. Apparently sparring with sharks wasn’t enough for tough Mr. Tyson.
  • Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Michael Buffer is the famous boxing (not wrestling, ladies) announcer who made “let’s get ready to rumble” a household sibling war-cry. He is also offering play-by-play on the Mike Tyson vs. shark episode.
  • Clifftop Ruin. Marineland of the Pacific (we always just called it Marineland) was a huge attraction for over 30 years located in Palos Verdes, California. In fact, it opened a year before Disneyland! Then it shut down when new owners moved operations to their SeaWorld facility in San Diego which is still in business today. This article has some great photos of it being built as well as its recent state of decay.
Marineland, in Palos Verdes in its 1970s-1980s heyday.
Photo by Gary B. Edstrom, Wikipedia. License information here.
  • Nighty-Night Sharky-Shark. Even though punching a shark in the snout is ineffective (Kym emphatically states you need to aim for the eye if you must fight off an attack), tonic immobility really is a thing. Just be sure to know which sharks it works on.
  • What do Harry Potter and Shark Week Have in Common? Both Harry Potter and Shark Week concepts were captured on that iconic spontaneous thought gotta-write-it-down medium: the paper napkin. Whilst SW was scribbled down on a pub napkin, JK Rowling wrote HP notes on a napkin on a train.
  • Dolphins – Too Many For YOU Mr. Shark! Yes sharks do prey on dolphins, usually the young, or adults who are sick, but dinner comes at a price. Lone-wolf sharks are usually outnumbered by the number of dolphins in a pod, who fight to defend their young and weak, so sharks have to work extra hard to get this particular prey.
  • Those Plumey Thingies. Yeah, those multiple plumes on a Lionfish are spiney fins. And each one is venomous. Seriously, don’t mess with these deceptively lovely sea creatures. Oh, and, yes, the toxins can be cooked out of the spines, so eating Lionfish is not deadly when prepared correctly. Here is an article with more information.
Lionfish, with all the spiny fins, which are venomous. Photo by Alexander Vasenin, Wikipedia, Creative Commons. License information here.
  • THIS MUST END. Sharkfin soup is a “delicacy” that is partly to blame for endangering the lives of sharks across the world. For more information about finning, please read this article from seasave.org.
Majestic sharks like these Makos are endangered due to greedy finning practices. Photo courtesy NOAA.
  • The Best Way the World Learns to Dive! If you’re interested in learning to scuba dive, we recommend a PADI professional/dive store as your go-to for the best, most comprehensive and safe practice learning anywhere. PADI is the leader in diving certifications worldwide, and levels up the game in their mission to protect and conserve oceans and marine life. PADI teaches divers of all levels scuba diving skills, but also how to become ambassadors for the aquatic world. PADI is currently offering a large variety of online courses so you can get your studies completed safely while COVID-19 restrictions are still in place. Once you’re done with your studies, you’ll be ready to meet your instructor for your in-water training! Whether you’re new to diving, need to brush up on your skills, or want to continue your diving education, PADI is the way to learn to dive, anywhere in the world.
  • Still With the Words. Kris KNOWS it’s JuleS Verne who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But apparently her mouth didn’t know there’s an S in there. Also, here’s what a real nautilus looks like. For the Verne “Nautilus,” you’ll have to Google artistic renditions of it, or watch the 1954 movie.
The lovely, backwards swimming nautilus. Photo courtesy NOAA.
  • Goes Right Through Ya! It seems as though seahorses don’t even mash their food up, as they swallow their food whole. And they don’t have stomachs. So it’s a bit of a dodgy thing, eating is. That explains why they eat so much so often! This article has a lot more information on the subject.
The multi-functional, sweet, seahorse.
Photo by Nick Hobgood, Wikipedia Creative Commons. License information here.
  • Would it BE The Mugly Truth if…(Said in Our Best Chandler Bing Voice)? What’s a Mugly Truth podcast without detouring to our favorite off-topics such as true crime, ghosts, and spiders. For the animated Lucas the Spider, check out the YouTube channel where Lucas adorably hangs out.

For links to the articles we reference specifically in the episode, please see the following:

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Featured photo Basking Shark courtesy NOAA, public domain.


Big Scare

Kris and Kym enjoy coffee to the LAST DROP! Photo by Kimberly Sickel, @riverdeer at 500px.

Kym and Kris take the podcast to new heights when they hang out in Big Bear, CA, for the weekend in search of epic history (some tragic) and haunted happenings.

Kym bundled up for recording outside on a deck in Big Bear.

We started off visiting the small and poignant Big Bear Cemetery. The cemetery opened in the late 1980s and unfortunately has had some financial difficulties over the years. It is under new management and by all accounts, seems to be the only cemetery in Big Bear.

We spent quite a bit of time walking through and viewing some of the lovingly decorated gravesites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout the cemetery were homages and tributes to the heart and soul of loved ones who have passed on, including some who must have had quite a sense of humor in life.

Humor is forever.

Afterwards, we went into Big Bear Village and visited the Knickerbocker Mansion (or, at least, the chained fence surrounding it). Couldn’t discover if the mansion is haunted, but it is a lovely compound and apparently has the oldest still-standing vertical-log cabin in the area (if not the state, or the country…or perhaps…even…THE WORLD!!) It’s currently closed but we couldn’t figure out if it’s because of renovations or for sale. There was no sale sign, but there was a box full of flyers espousing the virtues of the property.

The Knickerbocker Mansion, Big Bear Lake

We then visited the Captains Anchorage restaurant (once the Sportsmans Tavern, owned by actor Andy Devine) just up the street. We were too early to go inside, so had to be content with just walking around the building while the kitchen crew eyed us through the window. Not creepy at all. Something weird happened to Kym’s camera phone as she tried to take a photo of one of the upstairs windows. Now. There is a story about a man named George who was found dead in his office on the second floor, whether by murder or by suicide no one really knows. But his ghost is said to haunt the restaurant. So. Ghost? iPhone glitch? Hmmm…..we may never know. There was nothing untoward in the photo, but we are planning to go back and next time…go inside! So bring it on George!

Captains Anchorage steakhouse, Big Bear Lake

Our Tour Guide to Macabre Big Bear (Kym’s mom) pointed out a home in her neighborhood and a couple businesses in the village with tragic histories, and at one point we did stop near the condo where Christopher Dorner holed up during a manhunt that ended in a fatal shootout with police. During his vengeful spree, he ruthlessly murdered Monica Quan, Keith Lawrence, Officer Michael Crain and Officer Jeremiah MacKay, and caused injury to many others before dying in a fire in a cabin off Highway 38. It’s a tragic addition to the otherwise rich and beautiful history of Big Bear.

To lighten the mood, we end up by touching on the relationship Big Bear has with Hollywood. This has nothing to do with Halloween, or hauntings, or spookiness. Nope. This is alllll about the “make us feel better please” after spending a day talking about death.

In the early 1900s, the mountains, valleys and lake were discovered to be as much a goldmine for filmmaking as the actual gold mining industry had been in building up the town in the 1800s. Aside from a laundry list of classic westerns made in the early first half of the 20th century, scenes in notable movies including “Gone With The Wind,” “Paint Your Wagon,” “Kissin’ Cousins,” “Old Yeller,” and “Davy Crockett” and television shows including “Lassie” and “The FBI” were filmed in the area.

And just because they were so danged cute, here’s some parting shots of just some of the critters who kept us company during the recording.

Eat up little Chip!!

He wants a peanut mom!

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