We Need To Talk

Today we talk candidly in an unedited, uncut episode of The Mugly Truth. We met up Sunday morning with a planned episode and neither of us felt we could move past the need to speak to each other, to our listeners and to the world about how we feel about the murder of George Floyd, the putrid epidemic of racism, and why we feel it is important to lend our voices to the chorus of those who have suffered for generations. We stand with our brothers and sisters of color. We see the injustices and hatred. We hear your cries. We feel your rage, your exhaustion and sorrow. We have cried watching you. We mourn with you, with George Floyd’s family and the black community. We aren’t a big podcast. We may lose listeners – fine by us. We aren’t talking about this for likes. We’re talking about this so the need for change is not ignored yet again.

Today’s episode “We Need To Talk” is on Apple Podcasts, SpotifyOvercast, Libsyn, Pocket CastStitcher, iHeartRadio, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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