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We’re back! And this week we follow up our Never Have We Ever episode with a healthy dose of this or that using a mega Would You Rather list of questions. Would you rather have a giraffe neck or an elephant nose? Explore deep space or deep ocean? Burp before every sentence or smile after every sentence? Believe us, the answers are harder than you think in most cases. We had a lot of fun with these questions, and not surprisingly, both of us pretty much had the same responses! So grab a pen and paper to play along and see how well you align with your favorite podcast gurls!

The links for the lists we used are from Mantelligence website and Sign Up Genius website.

As for the other questions that arose during our course of conversation… You know, the “what are those female pee devices called,” “are there such things as Mexican boots with super long toes”, “how creepy was Rodney Alcala on The Dating Game,” and “wasn’t there an Indiana Jones/Crusader Pepsi commercial back in the day?” here are the answers (and one teeny tiny correction):

SheWHAT? The, ah, shenis we were talking about…SheWee? SheGo? Go Girl? Welp, the FUD (feminine urination device) is available by a few different names on Amazon. There is a She Wee (this link is for the military style just in case pink is too cute for you), but the Go Girl is what Kris purchased for camping. Just to clarify, She Go is a song. Sorry we lumped your music in with our pee funnels Hirie.

Is That Your Boot Or Are You Just Happy To See Us Señor? The boots are real, as discussed in this Wikipedia article. They are called Mexican Pointy Boots. Yes. Yes they are. The name in Spanish sounds so much better: Botas Picudas Mexicanas. This unique footwear – which can be up to 5 feet long (that’s one Kris or Kym, btw), became popular around 2009 in the town of Monterrey in the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

That’s a mighty big Bota Picudas Mexicanas, sir. This image was uploaded to Wikipedia Commons using Flickr upload bot on 5 August 2011, 15:05 by Nesnad. On that date, it was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the license indicated. There. Don’t sue us. Please. If you listen to the podcast you’ll know we be broke.

And You Thought Online Dating Is Scary! (It is.) In case you absolutely need to cringe today, watch the infamous The Dating Game clip from 1978 where contestant Cheryl Bradshaw flirted with and later chose as her date Bachelor Number One: Rodney Alcala, a then-unknown vicious serial killer. He somehow got on the show even though he was already registered as a sex offender prior to taping. That’s the 70’s for ya. For Cheryl’s story about that experience, read this article. She got the epic nope-out vibes backstage while talking to him and decided to back out. Thank. Goodness. Unfortunately, despite being sentenced to death, this guy is still breathing as of this writing. We aren’t linking to the YouTube video on this website, because honestly, we don’t want to add to his infamy any more than we already have. We do encourage you to say a prayer for the women who survived this monster, and the families of those women who did not. You can find their names on this Wikipedia page (scroll to the bottom).

Pepsi or Coke? Alas, Kris misspoke. Well, sort of. She got the movie (Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade) correct, and she got the Crusader’s tagline right, but made the gravest of soda rivalry errors when she said it was for Pepsi. If you were yelling “DIET COKE!” during this part of the episode, you, our friend, did indeed choose wisely. And you also have a very good memory. Here’s the 1989 commercial for DIET COKE (all the emphasis tools used here, because we KNOW people. We know. Pepsi fanatics and Coca-Cola fanatics, everybody just calllllllm down):

Some People Call Me Confused. Midnight cowboy, Kris? No. No, Maurice the parrot was actually named after Maurice from the 1973 song The Joker by Steve Miller Band, in which the midnight reference belongs to a toker, not a cowboy. Now, in Kris’ defense, Midnight Cowboy was a critically acclaimed movie from 1969 starring Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. So, again, mash-up mistakes occur on the regular here in the Mugly Truth coffee shop booth.

Oh, and one last thing. Yes, we realize there’s a huge chunk of a promised blog item missing. Yes. But you see, that ambitious idea about making a list of all our answers and trying to make a story out of it? Believe us when we tell you it’s better not to subject you to that boredom. The list got axed about 1/8 of the way through. You’re so vurrry welcome friends.

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Featured photo Question Mark by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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