Christmas Food Around The World

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Happy Tuesday! We all survived Friday the 13th and we are diving headlong into the home stretch to Christmas! If you celebrate this amazing holiday, whether by Faith or by simple joy of the season, we’re here today to make it a little sweeter. Maybe a little fatter. A little more savory. Definitely crunchier. Yes, we’re talking Christmas FOOD! Two of our very most favorite topics in the entire world.

This is a short blog post because last night Kris was celebrating her daughter’s 15th birthday, so grab your coffee, settle in and listen to the delectable delights of holiday feasting! But before you go, here’s some answers to our pressing questions and also links to the articles we read from:

  • The first day of winter is…drumroll please…Saturday 21 December 2019 and it ENDS on Thursday 19 March 2020!
  • Kris’ list came from aleteia.org. The Best Christmas Food Traditions From Around The World article by Cerith Gardiner can be found here.
  • For the lovely Polish tradition of Wigilia (Christmas Eve supper) please go here not only for more information but maybe how to pronounce it correctly.
  • For “Apostle Fingers” recipe…it’s a thing…go here.
  • That other word…Weihnachtsplätzchen…can be better explained here.
  • Kym’s list from Shannon Kennedy’s article Christmas Food Traditions Around the World from fluentin3months.com can be found here.
  • We think this is Kym’s “Sven Horn” but don’t quote us on that.
  • GO WATCH THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW MASTERCLASS RIGHT NOW PEOPLE. Or if you don’t want to do what we yell at you about, at least check out this recipe for Paul Hollywood’s St. Lucia Buns. Ooh La La.
  • Because FRUITCAKE, if you’re interested, here’s a story about a family who looks after a 137 (now about 140) year old cake of the fruit.

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Featured Photo of Christmas Dinner by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

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