So You Think You Know Christmas

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We’re back at it! This week we come fully loaded with a stocking-full of questions to test your knowledge of Christmas. From obscure historic mandates to current trends, we have enough trivia to make you the king or queen of your next holiday gathering. Throw out any of these ice-breakers and you’re sure to have everyone’s attention. We even tried to keep this one relatively PG(13) so it might be ok to include grandma, grandpa, and the little-ish ones. Go on. You know you want to play along.

Once you’ve got your fill of all the fun facts in today’s episode, come on back here and click the links to find even more. You’ll end out the year feeling like you have a PhD in Holidayology.

Have fun, enjoy learning some things you might not have known before, and please definitely comment below or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (links below) to let us know how you did! Better yet, let us know if you have more to add.

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Featured Photo of Santa Claus by cottonbro on Pexels.com.

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