Happy Campers!

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We don’t know about you, but after a very, ah, earth-shattering Fourth of July, we’re ready to get away to the peacefulness of a nice, secluded camp site, yeah? Today we share some of our very favorite camping stories to help ring in camping season; and you know a couple of Kym’s are doozies, since Captain Looseass and Grandma are involved. Kris has some internet lists of very interesting gadgets, the best places to camp in the world, and tips & hacks for when you do get a chance to get away from it all – whether you’re in a tent, van, or motorhome.

But first we detour (OF COURSE!) right out the chute talking about our Fourth of July celebrations (or none at all, unless you consider Kris’ staying inside and binge-watching Stranger Things Season 3 a celebration – which she does). We recount going through California shaking somethin’ fierce with two of the biggest quakes we’ve had in 20 years. We also cover other binge-able shows that aren’t Stranger Things, namely any Jo Koy comedy special, A Million Little Things and Better Things.

Ahem. Apparently we prefer shows with “Things” in them. And if you’re familiar with Jo Koy’s comedy, you know he’s included in that statement.

We do eventually get down to the business of discussing camping. We both love getting away from the craziness of living in a city, hitting the road to end up in a space and time where all that tension and traffic and work and congestion and noise is left behind. There’s nothing quite like unloading all the equipment and setting up camp – getting everything just right. And once that’s done, that feeling of sitting down in your favorite folding camp chair, poking the fire with a long stick, and watching the stars pop as the sun goes down and the darkness of the night sky opens above you…well we figure all that and the smell of coffee percolating or a pot full of rustic soup over a campfire is just this side of Heaven.

Get the food in that pot and let’s eat.

Anyone else get giddy just thinking about the latest piece of equipment you can add to your gear? Kris is already planning her birthday camping trip for 2020 and it can’t come soon enough! There’s folding camp tables, roof racks, and gear boxes to be bought. Maybe it’s a good thing there’s a whole year to prepare for the trip.

The girls’ camp site in the Redwoods in Northern California. Photo courtesy Kris Core.

We quickly found out we have experienced camping in very different ways, though we both love camping just the same. Kym grew up camping with her Grandparents who were members of Thousand Trails where “full hookups, a pool, and lovely pancake breakfasts” were part of almost every trip. And if Thousand Trails wasn’t open, there was always the good old KOA campgrounds. Kris grew up hiking at a young age, but never camped until she joined the Girl Scouts. It wasn’t until later when she discovered her passion for tents, lanterns, campfires, and finding the “perfect” spot in California state parks (oh…the bags of quarters for those lovely SP showers!) – most memorably on the Central Coast (Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Hearst San Simeon State Park), and up in the Redwoods.

Kris’ campsite along the central coast near Cambria, CA. Photo courtesy Kristen Core.
  • For the list of gadgets we talk about – including the Kimbo Crotchless shorts (yes, you read that correctly) and the portable Espresso maker – please click here.
  • For the list of camping hacks that are borderline genius – including using Tic Tac containers for spices, and Doritos to start fires – click here and here.
  • For the list of the best places to camp around the world (and we know, it’s entirely subjective), or at least to see the gorgeous pictures we were oohing and aahing over, click here.
  • And even though we didn’t get to talking directly about the unwritten, universal camping rules, (we did talk about them in general) we’re going to post them here anyway, because it’s always good to remind ourselves how important it is to be good humans and better campers.

Below are Kris’ best buys from her 2016 camping trip. The Coleman lantern stand, the Mini-Factory multi-use hanger, and the Etekcity Portable LED lantern. 10/10 recommended!

If you have any favorite stories, camping tricks, hacks, or want to divulge your own best campground in the world, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at sipsters@themuglytruth.com, or comment down below!

Proof that Kris doesn’t always behave like a true “murderino.”
Photo courtesy Kristen Core.

Oh…here’s a bonus photo: Remember Kris’ story in a couple episodes (probably where we talked about true crime…good luck finding it!) where she talked about going camping with a guy she knew for only two weeks and let him take her to a campsite above Gorman, CA one November, absolutely isolated, nobody else around, and let him lead her to the edge of a cliff? No? Ok, well, anyway, here’s the photo of her feet and the drop and we would advise you to not ever do that. Ever. (He turned out perfectly fine and nice, but you never know).

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