Miles and Piles of Philes!

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Today’s episode harkens back to The Mugly Truth’s beginnings of long lists with really hard-to-pronounce words to tackle the world of PHILES! Phile is derived from the Greek word philos which means “one that loves, likes, or is attracted to.” So sit back, relax with your cup of coffee, and try not to spit-take as Kris stumbles from word to word and Kym valiantly guesses at what each might mean. There’s really not a ton of educational content except maybe how NOT to pronounce words. Mostly today is about laughs and fun. And cookies. So many cookies. We actually took a cookie break. Is there a word for loving cookies? Cookiemonster, are you listening? Please email us.

This whole topic started with Kris’ favorite phile of all time: Pluviophile (the lover of the sound of rain). Great word, fun to say, and the sound of rain is soothing. Unless it’s rain from a hurricane. But let’s not detour down that road.

During the course of the episode, you’ll discover that Kris is also an anglophile, and a clinophile. And it’s no secret Kym and Kris are cynophiles and ailurophiles AND dendrophiles. Kym needs bujophile to become a thing, because as far as she’s concerned it totally is but she isn’t sure to whom she should submit her application for, you know…wordship.

All is not lost in the education department. After all, we did learn new words, AND we learned that not everything looks like how it’s spelled. For instance, do YOU know what a hippophile, oenophile, xanthophile, autophile, or cartophile are? Mmhmm. Don’t be as sure as you just thought you are, snickering as you read that (but if you do know, then we bow down to your lingual superiority). We’ll bet you didn’t know there’s a word for the feverish need to undress. There is. We’re blushing. But not about THAT…mostly still cringing about that whole “Amadeo! Amadeo!” instead of “Galileo! Galileo!” thing. (You’ll have to listen to find out but spoiler alert Kris needs to stop singing.) And, hey, that’s not fair Googling this stuff…listen first, then Google. Because we’re still not sure we got them all correct anyway.

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