That’s Purgetastic!

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Today we talk about the value of tidying up, decluttering – creating a home space that brings peace instead of pain. Yep. We’re all about Netflix’s latest phenom hit Tidying Up with Marie Kondo! And of course we relate “sparking joy” to our personal experiences when moving that forced each of us to purge a lot of stuff long overdue for the garbage bin or thrift store.

We cover some of the concepts behind Marie Kondo’s tidying method, found on her website Konmari.com, and how we’ve applied some of her organizing tips in our own homes. Kym has some life-hacks for repurposing crafting supplies, donating books, and includes a great story about finding a long-lost treasure! Kris discovered freedom during her moving process by finally letting go of some really strong sentimental items stored unused for decades. (The current stash-monsters that are spilling over in the kitchen/workspace will also be dispatched shortly. Do you hear that stash-monsters? Shredder is coming!)

And on the topic of boxes and baskets for organizing? Can we get a HALLELUJAH!?!? Yes we can. Boxes and baskets are our favorites! But if for nothing else, then at least watch the show for the pure genius of how to fold and store clothes AND how to fold that wily fitted sheet you wad up in the linen closet out of sheer frustration. Oh…and let’s just take a moment to bask in the brightness of Marie Kondo herself. She is the embodiment of “spark joy.” In all honesty, the idea behind “spark joy” is an exercise in gratitude: being grateful for and keeping what makes you joyful, and being grateful and thanking all other items for their service to your life as you move them to the “donate” pile.

We love storage organizers! Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

But the biggest takeaway? It has to be the value of coming home to a space that is safe, secure, and serene which is much more than a physical experience. Clutter can make home an anxious space. Constantly bumping into, stepping over or rifling through things to find something is annoying every single time, right? Opening that closet door shouldn’t be an exercise in cranial caution. Consider how simply oppressive clutter can actually be. You know how good it feels to get into a newly made bed with fresh, clean sheets? That’s how purging even the most clutched-to-the-bosom belongings can feel. Not EVERY thing needs to go. But letting go of “sentimental” items that aren’t doing anything more than taking space…that’s doable! Coming home to a physically clear space can create a mentally and spiritually clear opportunity to detox, decompress, and relax in. Even for the laziest of housekeepers.

And as always we take a couple detours because when you’re having great conversations over coffee among friends, there’s no such thing as a linear chat. So, yeah, somehow we also talk about The Masked Singer, how some meds can cause anxiety/panic attacks, and the importance of making sure the CBD oil you purchase is from a reputable source. It’s a fun, squiggly, pit-stop type of discussion but we somehow always make our way back onto the tidying up highway.

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