Cards Against Halloween

Tony Kris Kym
Tony (and wife Heather, and brother Joe) is ready for a rousing card game with these two gals! Photo by Tony Adamo.

Kris and Kym go on location AGAIN, but this time it’s local. We have a rousing game of a Cards Against Humanity-inspired game with Joe, Tony, and Heather at their house. It was so fun even the spiders and the dogs joined in. Yep. You read it. Kris gets visited yet again by a dangling 8-legged monster (ok, it was a teeeeensy baby spider but seriously, Kris is DONE with the arachnids floating in her face).

This episode definitely has a NSFW and NSFK warning (not safe for work, and definitely not safe for kids) for good reason. If you’re a shade tight-assed, curmudgeonly, conservative, sensitive, humor-challenged, or juvenile (literally), you might just think about passing on this episode and join us next week for a tamer show about cemeteries.

There’s a LOT of laughing and a LOT of counting cards (Kris can’t seem to keep track of the rules), and a LOT of blushing (mostly on Joe’s part) as the raunchy jokes are flung with flailing arms and maniacal cackling. No. But that would have made a terrific video. Honestly though, the deeper we get into the weeds, the more wheezy giggles and gusty guffaws take over. So sit back, close your eyes and pretend you’re in the room playing along.

Coffee with Friends
Coffee is always better with friends on game night!

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