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If you have listened to us for a few episodes, you’ll have figured out we are obsessed with true crime. A year ago we were merely podcast fans, and our favorite podcast was (still is!) My Favorite Murder. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark inspired us to begin podcasting in the first place. Because of the huge amount of true crime podcasts already out there – many of which are really great – we made a decision to go in a different direction. Yet true crime somehow finds its way into our show on the regular…usually in the form of discussing our latest “tc” podcast finds or binge-able television shows. Today we come full circle to where it all began for us by sharing two stories, in real MFM fashion, that aren’t merely “hometown murders.” Today’s stories are personal because we were both acquainted with the people involved.

The 2003 Murder of El Modena High School Champion Wrestler Diego Armando Gonzales

Diego Armando Gonzales was brutally murdered in Orange Park Acres

Kym starts us off with the tragic story of Diego Armando Gonzales, (also referred as Gonzalez and Gonzales-Sanchez in various articles) a 17 year old champion wrestler from El Modena High School (our alma mater) in Orange, CA. Diego was a bagger at the local Stater Bros. grocery store at Chapman Ave. and Prospect Ave. where Kym shopped and interacted with Diego occasionally. Sadly he became involved with a cashier there who later lured him to his death at a construction site in the hillside community of Orange Park Acres above El Modena.

Kym also talks about another Stater Bros. cashier (same store y’all!), Janell Diane Enos, who shot her husband in 2016!

1991 Workplace Shooting at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa

Fairview Developmental Center, Photo By Leonard Ortiz OC Register/SCNG. The photo above shows the second story of the Administrative building. You can see the executive administrator’s office windows on the wall facing the photographer. Kris’ mom’s office window is above the entrance.

Kris’s story goes back 30 years but it’s as relevant as today’s headlines, replete with accusations of on-the-job discrimination and a workplace rampage that left one man, Allen Robert Motis, 53, dead. Two others, James Herbert Pichon, 36, and Hugh Kohler, 43, were also shot and gravely injured. Kris has a very personal connection with this story, as her mom was in the building when the shooting took place. The details are extraordinary; if you don’t believe in divine intervention, you might after hearing this episode.

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