Do You Feel Lucky?

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Well, do you? Insert squinty-eyed cop here. Oh boy! Do you have your seatbelt fastened? Are you ready for the thrills and chills of (drumroll please…..) FRIDAY THE 13th WITH A SIDE OF FULL MOON?? Did you also know that bad luck is (in our opinion) a bunch of claptrap? It’s all in your perspective dear friends, all in your perspective. That said, we’re aware there’s a small group of people worldwide who will never open this article, or hear the episode simply because of Friggatriskaidekaphobia. That makes us sad. Because today’s episode is FUN!

First off, let’s say HELLO AGAIN to “Words With the Mugly Truth” as we stumble over our old friends: Greek Words. So much so, Kris gives up without a fight. Kym, on the other hand, powered through and showed Greek Words who’s boss. Is it any wonder our favorite words to struggle with have to do with phobias? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you need to download and listen to our episodes Disturbia and Disturbia Short Shot post haste.

We peruse the well written October 2017 article “Friday the 13th” from the fine editors at history.com, and 13 Facts About Friday the 13th at timeanddate.com for some very cool facts about the superstitions surrounding our upcoming fateful Friday of ten+three. From the Last Supper with its 13 guests, to the Code of Hammurabi accidentally omitting numbering its 13th law, coincidences throughout history have spawned all sorts of dodgy mind-games designed make us feel better about life (like going from floor 12 to 14 in a hotel or hospital elevator, or airports not having a 13th gate), and inspired illustrious groups such as the Thirteen Club, books (Thomas William Lawson’s 1907 novel “Friday the Thirteenth) and, yes, allllll those Jason Voorhees movies.

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Fear not friends. If you want to knock the wind out of ol’ FTT’s sails, just do what the Italians do. Believe 13 is actually a lucky number and then stay in bed on Tuesday the 17th because that’s their bemoaned day of woe. We believe it may be due to a certain lack of tacos on Tuesdays and if they would just give that a shot, things might look up. But that’s our humble opinion and we’re not here to change the world, or global superstitions. So…goodonya Italia (and Greece), you keep doing you.

For other articles cited in the episode:

  • Definitely check out the cool chart at Wikipedia that shows all the Friday the 13ths in the past and future!
  • 13 Superstitions for Friday the 13th with Tad and Polly at Big Frog 104 which list some of the more well-known superstitions that might not have to do with Friday the 13th specifically, but are important to know about, especially if you want to Thirteen Club this thing and put all the bad things in one big art installation and make a statement about the fallacy of human thinking. All you need is a black cat, a ladder, a broken mirror, and a wobbly salt cellar under one big opened umbrella indoors somewhere. Cut your hair for good…bad?…measure and then drop us a line to let us know how your day went. We’re genuinely curious. Also, to undo all that don’t forget to spin around 7 times but you might want to clarify counterclockwise or clockwise…we don’t know the answer to that part. Sorry.
What do YOU see? Something beautiful or a bad omen? Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As for other points of interest that piqued our curiosity:

For more information about the Code of Hammurabi and the stele that appears in the Louvre, check out this article from (again!) history.com;

Yeah, we asked, who was Kitty Genovese?!? And man, do we need to turn in our true-crime-fan cards and hang our heads in utter shame. We know this incredibly sad story, as many great podcasts that we listen to have covered it. The grisly and brutal murder of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese in New York City in 1964 led to what’s now known as The Bystander Effect, and the implementation of the emergency phone call system of 911 in the United States. There is lots of information out there about this murder (including history.com and biography.com), but this is a pretty good article about this “milestone” murder;

And, finally, oh you, 666. You silly, pesky, not-evil number you. Interested in what all the numbers hubbub is? Do you see 11:11 or other repeating numbers or a certain combination of numbers often? Oh, there’s LOTS of scientific reasons about why we focus on specific numbers that seemingly cross our paths more often than others, but if you think there might be a deeper meaning for you and you’re curious about the spiritual background of what those repeating numbers might mean to you personally, check this article out as a starting point. Beware the rabbit hole though. You’ve been warned and have fun.

And while we might deeply inwardly shudder at the number 666, or jump over cracks in the sidewalk, or believe in ghosts, we also want to be big girls and encourage everyone – along with us – to get over this friggin’ friggatriskaidekaphobia and show Friday, September 13th, 2019 WHO (clap) IS (clap) IN (clap) CHARGE (CLAP)! Let’s combat fear with courage! Fight negative thinking with positive affirmations! Whenever we think something bad is gonna happen because “it’s a bad luck day”, we’re gonna put all our energy into thinking the OPPOSITE and focus on the good things that are happening. Do a little extra…you know, that whole Random Acts of Kindness thing, and put out into the world what we would like to have in return! If we want lots of good luck, good feelz, and good times, let’s put that stuff out there in droves. And, IF something does happen that’s not great, we’re not going to give “bad luck” the power of our thoughts and energy. Instead, we’ll chalk it up to “shite just sometimes happens because LIFE” and move forward. That’s OUR prescription for Friday the 13th. We need to remember that reality is really just our perspective of what’s going on around us. And perspective is a mighty powerful tool for change.

Full disclosure: we DO believe the full moon causes all kinds of weirdness, so…you know…maybe we’ll tuck in early that night??? Does that completely negate our feel good power of positive thinking perspective speech? DANG IT.

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