Quaranteen Talk

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We are – like the entire world – trying to adjust to this temporary “new normal.” On top of that, Kym is still coping with taking care of business in the aftermath of her father’s passing. So, today’s episode is a bit different…Kym was unable to record this weekend, but we both felt it was important to maintain our episode schedule so today’s show is co-hosted by Kris’ 15 year old daughter Hayley. Kris and Hayley have a candid discussion about what it has been like as a family under quarantine. Oh, and we’re very aware there are a LOT of “likes” throughout the entire show. And the teenager isn’t the only one to blame. We’re, like, sorry you know?

So if you’re in quarantine, especially with kids (especially teenagers!) today’s episode might be helpful, we definitely hope it entertains. We are also hoping Kym will be back on next week. If not, we’ll see who will co-host next!

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