Oh, Owl POOP!

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We bring you some good news from the goodnewsnetwork.org because this entire world needs some lifting up right now. We also talk a little more about some fun days to celebrate this fine, lovely second week of April. And Kym talks about sifting through owl poop and finding rat teeth. Read all those sentences again. Vurrrrry slowly. One is not like the others. It’s what we do.

Yep, Kym is BACK! Still by phone only, which is the new norm of course. We do a little catch-up, talking about the latest state of the union – NAY, the world – because we’re not sure there’s anyone actually on the planet having a conversation that has 100% nothing to do with coronavirus self-sheltering life. Well, come to think of it, we’ve heard of some people… thems that got no t.v.., radio, internet, phone, – living so far removed from technology and “civilization” and literally not even knowing we’re out here flailing around with bandana masks and hair-coloring kit gloves, losing our collective minds. Not gonna lie…we’re a hint of jealous. Anyway, the rest of us, we’re just over here talking about life on lockdown these last hmmmphsssaaahhy days (we don’t know anymore….21? 53? 1,203,290,932?).

So, to set the scene: We’re talking, catching up before getting into the topic – just chatting about working from home (or occasionally having to go into the office), Kym’s ongoing ordeal with tying up the loose ends from her dad’s passing, rainy April weather, the million+ mark in CV19 cases, Chris Cuomo’s tooth-breaking covid chills, nature-watching, recovery meeting hackers, celebrities entertaining us, a**holes billionaires quarantined on their yachts, ginger sun-basking, binge-watching Time Team, teen-agers in quarantine, Dog TV on DirecTV, Micheal Rapaport cussing out the parents of the world, and…Kym’s “collection of owl poop.”

Yes, in episode 90 you will hear Kym launch the most stellar detour in the history of The Mugly Truth Podcast detours. Deeeeeerailed. We said bye to the road. Hurtled down that brushy path. Flew into the woods. Straight over the cliff. She slid that comment in slicker than…owl s**t.

Yeah. We know what you ate last night. Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com

And just as easily we got back on track and down to business. Because it’s what we do. It’s why our listeners love us. All five of you. Thank you from the bottom of our owl-crap-sifting hearts.

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