Fetishes and Disorders

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Today’s episode comes straight up with NSFW, NSF kids, and sexual trigger warnings. The first 31 minutes of the episode are a discussion of unusual sexual fetishes. While we don’t go into graphic details, the mention of certain acts, and also specific bodily functions (such as throwing up), could be triggers so, you’ve been warned! Maybe don’t eat before hand. We’re just sayin’.

On the plus side, there are some fetishes out there we’d never heard of so this episode was a real learning experience for us both! And as we say at the beginning, we do not discuss these topics to demean, have a laugh at, or degrade anyone who has any of these fetishes, however we do have honest reactions to the different examples. While they are not our cup of tea, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fine for others. Like we say, as long as someone is not doing harm to themselves or others and everyone involved is consenting, YOU DO YOU BOO!

If you feel like you’d rather skip that part of the show, go ahead and fast forward to the 31 minute mark where we wrap up the fetish talk and begin discussing some really fascinating psychological disorders. It’s really not that bad, honestly, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you the heads up.

To say the least, we ended up walking away from this recording absolutely amazed at the power of the human brain.

And you know, being us, and this episode being full of big words, we mispronounce most of the names of both fetishes and disorders all over the place. Just beginning to end it’s an exercise in futility for both of us trying to spit out the big ol’ wordy stuff. It’s what we do.

For links to the articles we reference, check out the following links.



So there you have it. Small proof the human brain is wild, wonderful, eerie, enigmatic and powerful.

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