Life Hacks 2020

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2020 getting you down? In today’s episode we share some of the internet’s cooler ideas that may just help you cope a little bit better. From the wisdom your parents probably learned from their parents or grandparents, to visionary high-tech creations, we have a wide spectrum of tips, tricks, and hacks so you can say (as our dear friend Terin does so often), “TAKE THAT 2020!”

Typically at this point we usually add a whole boatload of complementary snippets of info to flesh out our discussion on the podcast. We also usually include some clarifications, and corrections; the end result being that this blog becomes a nice companion piece to the episode. Well, dear friends, not only are we giving you some great ideas to listen to, we’re also not going to make you read a whole bunch of words today! That’s right, we’re giving your eyeballs a break and getting straight to the links. Truthfully, it’s mostly because – with the exception of the gum song – what we talked about didn’t need much further edification, which is pretty rare for us. So, onto the links!

  • Skiffle Me This. Welp, technically Kris had the 1950’s or Mamas and the Papas folk music fairly close when trying to pinpoint the era for Kym’s fun song, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight. The song, by Scottish skiffle singer Lonnie Donegan, came out in 1961 (so the 40’s was waaay off). Here’s the full song on YouTube, with some nice vinyl record scratchiness for the full retro effect.
  • Any Way You Slice It. Kym’s great kitchen tips came from the eatthis.com website, in an article called 52 Life Changing Kitchen Hacks That’ll Make You Enjoy Cooking Again, by Karla Walsh, June 2020.
  • Say It Like You Meme It. This is just a mega list of tips in meme form. Lots of pictures, very few words (which may be most people’s idea of a grand article). From boredpanda.com, written by Tom some 7 long years ago, 40 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life has tricks that are still pretty relevant and awesome, not gonna lie.
  • My Momma Done Told Me. Leave it to goodhousekeeping.com to extol the virtues of wisdom passed down generation to generation in this article called 20+ Genius 100-Year-Old Life Hacks That Are Still Totally Amazing written by Lauren Smith McDonough and Adam Shuback, May 2019. Proof positive that just because it’s an old idea doesn’t mean it won’t work in our hectic, high-tech world!
  • And Now For Something Completely Different. From interestingengineering.com comes this visionary list of 23 Staggering Life Hacks From People Living in 3020, Not 2020, by Chris Young, April 2020. We’re still stoked about the QR coaster and really want a 3D printer. Like, reallllly.

Gold star if you know where that last bullet lead-in comes from.

And, finally, Happy Birthday to Kris’ mom, Sandy.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you.
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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Featured photo Eggs in a Carton by by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

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