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Hey folks, let’s get the preliminary 10-minute chitchat out of the away: Covid-19, Quarantine, TikTok, California Jail System. Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of today’s episode: MUSIC. If you’re like us, music is a big part of your life. Music has a way of getting into your soul, mixing it all up, and afterwards, you’re ever so slightly changed. Want to get pissed, pumped, inspired, uplifted, cry like a baby, tell someone how you feel when you can’t find the words, dance like nobody’s watching? There’s a playlist just waiting to be made for ALL of that. Music is the language of the universe that has the power to bridge the gap between any two (or more) people wherever they meet somewhere in this world of ours. Music reaches into us on a cellular level. That’s powerful. That’s magical.

AND if you’re like us, you need to a shot of positivity right about now. So, today we talk about some of the music that we’ve been listening to lately…music that has helped us connect with our happier selves.

Today’s list is just a mere shaving off the top of the whole library of killer music we love. We could probably do an entire year of just talking about music, but for now, here’s a start.

There’s a method to our madness below. 1. If there’s an official band video, we’ll embed that. You might have to deal with ads. (Just click the Skip Ad option when it pops up.) 2. We’ll use the title for each song to link the page the embedded video is from.

We’ll kick this one off with Kym’s list of booty-shakin’ shower-singin’ songs:

Imagine Dragons: On Top of the World

Imagine Dragons, On Top of the World, from Night Visions album, 2013, Interscope records.

Modest Mouse: Float On

Modest Mouse, Float On, from Good News for People Who Love Bad News album, 2004, Epic records.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: I Won’t Back Down

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I Won’t Back Down, from Full Moon Fever album, 1989, MCA records.

Sam Hunt: House Party

Sam Hunt, House Party, from Montevallo album, 2014, MCA Nashville records.

Ziggy Marley ft. Sean Paul: Three Little Birds

Ziggy Marley ft. Sean Paul, Three Little Birds

Imagine Dragons: Thunder

Imagine Dragons, Thunder, from Evolve album, 2017, Interscope records.

Panic! At The Disco: High Hopes

Panic! At the Disco, High Hopes, from Pray for the Wicked album, 2018, Fueled by Ramen records.

Ylvis: The Fox (yes we did)

Ylvis, The Fox, single, 2013, EMI Norway records.

Now let’s hear with other fox had to sa…. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA. See? These are the things you get to do when you write the blog.

Anyway, here’s Kris’ list:

The Five Stairsteps: O-o-h Child

The Five Stairsteps, O-o-h Child, from Stairsteps album, 1970, Buddah records.

Garth Brooks: The River

Garth Brooks, The River, from Ropin’ the Wind album, 1992, Liberty records. Garth isn’t readily available in official content on YouTube or iTunes. Kris is vurrrrry sad as she used to have this song on disc but it’s long gone, and she can’t buy it on iTunes. Sad emoji. Anyway. Take the time to listen to his intro, because the song is worth hearing even if it isn’t the original, official version.

Foo Fighters: Times Like These

Foo Fighters, Times Like These, from One by One album, 2003, RCA records.

(Bonus) Foo Fighters: Learn To Fly

Foo Fighters, Learn to Fly, from There is Nothing Left to Lose album, 1999, RCA records. This song is roll-your-windows-down awesome and deserves a spot here not just for that, but because this is still one of the very best videos ever made in videoland ever. EVER.

Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire

Alicia Keys, Girl on Fire, from Girl on Fire album, 2012, RCA records.

Blue Swede: Hooked on a Feeling (Ooga Chaka!)

Blue Swede, Hooked on a Feeling, from Hooked on a Feeling album, 1974, EMI records.

Chuck Ragan: Come Around

Chuck Ragan, Come Around, from Covering Ground album, 2011, SideOneDummy records. LISTEN TO HIS INTRO. Powerful.

X: See How We Are

X, See How We Are, from See How We Are album, 1987, Elektra records.

X: Fourth of July

X, Fourth of July, from See How We Are album, 1987, Elektra records.

David Cook: The Time of My Life

David Cook, The Time of My Life, from David Cook album, 2008, RCA records.

Dishwalla: Far Away

Dishwalla, Far Away, from Dishwalla album, 2005, Orphanage records.

(Bonus) Dishwalla: Counting Blue Cars

Dishwalla, Counting Blue Cars, from Pet Your Friends album, 1996, A&M records.

Jason Mraz: Living in the Moment

Jason Mraz, Living in the Moment, from Love is a Four Letter Word album, 2012, Atlantic records.

All American Rejects: Move Along

All American Rejects, Move Along, from Move Along album, 2005, Interscope records.

(Bonus) Bill Withers: Lovely Day

Bill Withers, Lovely Day, from Menagerie album, 1977, Columbia records. Because we can’t think of a better way to end this blog. I mean, given some time, we could, but WHY? It’s a LOVELY DAY!

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