The Best Is Yet To Come

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Hello all! We’re talking about the best days to do things in January 2020! Before you get all packed up for some tropical cruise ship getaway, or strap on glittery stilettos for some epic concert based on our episode, relax. Calm thyself. We’re talking ’bout such wholesomeness as canning, brewing, breeding, and pruning. That’s right. Toss those stilettos and pull on those work boots! Snap those suspenders, comb that incredibly long yet surprisingly attractive beard and get ol’ Nellie out of the barn for a cruise around the wheat field. We’re going old school with ye Old Farmer’s Almanac (not to be confused with that young whippersnapper Farmer’s Almanac) to titillate you with all the Best Days To Do Stuff First Quarter of 2020. YEEHAW LET’S DO THIS!

PSST! Hey. Listen. The online list only covers the first quarter of the year…we’re pretty sure you have to buy the Almanac for the entire year’s list. Oh, they’re sly ones, they are.

Don’t know the difference between Old Farmer’s Almanac and Farmer’s Almanac? Well, they’re both almanacs, they both have the word Farmer’s in them. But the likeness doesn’t stop there. They’re both filled with all kinds of goodness like gardening tips, astronomy, folkore, predicting trends for the coming year and most importantly: weather forecasts. They are both still in publication to this day. The biggest difference is that the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been in publication since 1792. Farmer’s Almanac since 1818. So settle down junior. Make way for gramps. If only because OFA’s list of Best Days (written by Celeste Longacre) serves this episode. Otherwise we tip our hats to both of you for looking so great for your ages. A little dusty, but aren’t we all after a certain, ah, amount of trips around the sun. We’re sure there’s plenty of distinctive elements between the two publications, but we haven’t got all day folks. We’re a humorous (questionable some might say), lighthearted podcast, not CNN. For the Wikipedia version of events, read about the auld geezer here, and the young upstart here.

As always, before we get into the hot topic of best days to cut your hair to encourage growth, brew beer, or breed that bull in the north forty, otherwise known as the actual topic of our episode, we bandy about the airwaves (not really…it’s digital…it’s…there’s no airwaves…) in our ramblings, bringing up all kinds of questions and the usual misnomers. So let us tary nae longer and get right to the links post-haste:

Kym and the Fuggler Lucy doooooon’t likey.
  • Kym’s Fuggler. Yes. Here is the duo who made Lucy the cat barf. It’s a great story, go listen to the episode for the full effect. Just know, these are the culprits, and you can buy your very own Fuggler right here to cause your own personal pet mayhem. Or simply chill with because they’re freaking cute. Also we love our cats beyond the Universe, so don’t come at us man.
  • Cat vs. Coyotes. Max is one scrappy cat! Thankfully Max’s human’s heard the ruckus their fierce warrior boy was putting up against three coyotes. The video is a bit harrowing, as it looks like the end is near for this little tuxedo fighter (SNIFF!!!! Rocky the Podcat is a tuxedo – and was almost killed by coyotes a couple years ago!) but thankfully his humans came out and chased off the predators, bringing their good, brave boy inside safe and sound. WE LOVE MAX.
  • Don’t F*ck With Cats. BEFORE YOU CLICK THAT LINK to the article, just know there is a photo of a monster holding a kitten. It’s not horrific in it’s own right, but knowing what that POS did to that kitten…just be warned. So. This is a difficult one. If you’re a true crime follower you may have heard about this story when it came out a few years ago. This controversial documentary chronicles the social media sleuths who helped pinpoint a murderer down to the apartment in which he lived in Toronto! Unfortunately the police didn’t take them seriously. If they had, maybe the horror would have stopped with the kittens. Maybe this murderer’s human victim, Jun Lin, would be alive today. Be warned: even though the Netflix documentary doesn’t show the actual cruelty to the kittens or Lin, it does show parts of the videos that were aired on YouTube. If you can’t handle violence, implications of violence, or violence against animals (i.e., if you’re a normal, not psychopathic/sociopathic human being with a beating heart and a soul) it’s still – in our minds – too much to bear. Kris fast forwarded past the abridged clips. In her humble opinion showing the clips even to the extent they did had no redeeming effect on the story being told. However, the document IS worth watching if only to meet Baudi Moovan (Deanna Thompson) and John Green. Just keep your remote at the ready and be on deck with the loud LALALALLALLALAAAS until you’re past the “bad parts.” Just one more thing: the jab at the end. Really Netflix? REALLY?
  • Canadian Justice. Speaking of putting monsters away for life…or not, here’s more information on Canada’s stance on violent offenders. While, ah, people, like Karla Homolka and Vince Li/Will Baker are free to roam about the country, it seems perhaps Canadian lawmakers are taking a more conservative stand on the subject these days? Yes? No? We’re not educated enough in the subject to make any unequivocal statements one way or another in this space at this time, so feel free to research for yourself and let us know what you come up with. We believe people can change and we believe people can make one incredibly horrible mistake based on piles and piles of extenuating circumstances. We also know people who are pigeon-holed by society without benefit of society getting to know them personally are basically doomed to a lifetime of trying to prove they’re not the same person they were 5, 10, 20 years ago. We do get it. We’re just not sure we’re comfortable with some people free to attend PTA meetings, soccer games and gnosh poutine at their local Tim Horton’s after beheading and eating a person or drugging and murdering their own sister. You know. That’s…that’s all we’re saying.
  • ANYTHING OTHER THAN CANADIAN MONSTERS. How about that Wolf Moon, eh? If you’re like Kris you missed it both nights even after your podcast cohost told you it was coming. January’s full moon (the first of the decade) is known as “Wolf Moon” in North America, as well as Old Moon and Ice Moon. Well, if you missed it by any of those names, we’ve got you covered. Here you go.
  • Finland For The Win. Unbelievable. Kris got the country correct. We think a celebration is in order. It’s just that Kakslauttanen Resort name she couldn’t quiiiiiiiiite capture. You’ve got to check it out. What a way to see the Aurora Borealis. So cool. Literally. TBH, frigid, more like.
  • What the Heck is Calico? Calico Ghost Town! It’s a favorite haunt (ahaaahahaa see that? We’re smart funny!) way out in Yermo, CA. And after a day of walking ye olde 1800’s western town, checkin’ out the mystery shack or panning for gold, drive into the Mid-20th-Century over at Peggy Sue’s Diner up the road. Order a milk shake, burger and fries and then spend what little money you have left on Americana tchotchkes – there’s enough Coca-Cola, Lucy, Elvis, Marilyn, Dean, and Judy Made-In-China curios to fill a small warehouse. It’s all a fun, if a bit touristy, experience.

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Featured Photo of Field by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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