Buhbye 2019!

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Today is the last day of the year, and (does this come as a surprise to anyone) we were shooketh last week when we realized it’s also the end of an entire decade! Now that we’ve come out from under our respective rocks, reset those judgy eyebrows of yours. Even those caterpillars up bro. Look. Kris was shopping on December 23. It’s been a year, k? So we’re not here to just slam the door on 2019, but to remind you of some (though definitely not all) events that happened over the last ten years. Not all of it has been a blistering ride down that hot metal slide of life…some of it was quite amazing. A lot of it was forgettable. That’s why we’re here. To help you remember what color that dress really was, that one song about that one day of the week, when the world was supposed to end, and Fat Amy’s real name.

Ten points if you can figure out what Redd Foxx, Tuna Melts My Heart, and Ed McMahon have in common? Hint: nothing. We just make obscure references to them during our conversation. No big deal. As the other fox says, “moving on.” 10 points if you get THAT reference. This entire blog is a pop quiz. Yeehaw!

But of course, before we get into the heart of our retrospective, we ramble on about how Christmas was (good, decent, ok), a great new party game, and what it’s like to be the mother of a new teenage driver (gasp).

You can find a bigger and better list of all the memorable events from the last decade and year – from the intense to completely forgettable, depending on what you want to focus on, but the majority of our particular list came from goodhousekeeping.com’s November 2019 article “31 Things We Totally Forgot Happened This Decade” by Hannah Jeon.

And here’s the other list…the list of things we didn’t know anything about as we talked:

  • For that Hawaiian fake missile alert Kris couldn’t remember, here’s a great article by Sean Flynn from April 2018 at GQ.com on that scary incident. And it wasn’t Bob’s fault after all. Tsk, Kris.
  • Don’t know what the hell Pup’N’Taco was? It was a great little fast food chain from the 80’s and was one of Kym’s favorites. Find more information about it at We Miss the 80s. Yes we do, Rick. Yes. We. Do.
  • Disney’s movie The Black Hole came out December 21, 1979. You can watch it in all it’s 70’s Disney glory on Disney+ (not a sponsor…chyaaaaa AS IF).

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