Last Minute Love

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Pssst. Hate to break it to you…Valentine’s Day is…1…2…3 DAYS AWAY! Yep. Friday the 14th is looming. But you’re all good, right? You’ve had the perfect plans and the perfect gift and the perfect card and the perfect night all squared away for days and days for your sweet bae. Weeks even, yah? No? Ooooh, ooohhhhhhhhh. (#wincing). Yeah no yeah. Ouch, that’s a bummer. Well, never fear, for Kris and Kym (And Buzzfeed lists) have you covered with not only fun (and, admittedly weird and some not-very-romantic) last minute gifts you can order through Amazon Prime, but – failing that – we’ve got some nice ideas for how to propose. Because if you forgot Valentine’s day with your honey, proposal may be your only saving grace. (CALM DOWN. We’re not serious. Not totally.)

Wait, you’re not in a relationship right now? You’re a proud (or struggling?) member of the singleton club? WOOHOO! Kris welcomes you to the club with a big smile, hug, and hot mug of coffee. Well, we have YOU covered too! Between Good Housekeeping and Seventeen magazines, we’ve got a pretty good list of alternatives to celebrate – or ignore – this very-special-yet-overly-marketed-excuse-for-consumerism-at-its-finest day. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself to the fullest. You deserve it. We just know these things.

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Before we get on to the links, we’d like to shout out to KERRIE and Kris’s dad RON and say HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite cupid babies as they celebrate their birthdays on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the articles we cite in the episode today:

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