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“Remembering” is another organic conversation with a couple of loose topics. We pay homage to some celebrities who passed this year (some to Covid) but the two who took Kym down the rabbit hole are the recent loss of both Michael Constantine and Ed Asner (both natural causes). The talk flows into the ongoing pandemic and mask/vaccine division before heading into discussion about how we remember exactly where we were when 9/11 happened and what it means to both of us today. We also discuss the Columbine High School massacre, and the overall, far-reaching ripple effects of mass trauma. We wrap it up with some stories of people who were in the World Trade Center towers and survived.

Two podcasts we recommend highly are 9/12 and Confronting Columbine.

9/12 is a podcast that looks at how we as a nation coped in the days after 9/11, from multiple perspectives, including the writers of The Onion, a parody news publication that makes a living poking fun at the world. How do you be funny when something so devastating has happened? This Rolling Stone article talks more in depth about the podcast.

Confronting Columbine focuses on giving voice to various survivors, first responders, and detectives from that horrific school shooting in April 1999. It was a tragedy that changed the way emergency personnel train for and respond to mass shootings. Host Amy Over was a senior at Columbine High, and had just received the news from her basketball coach Dave Sanders that she had received a scholarship to college. Later that morning when she saw him again in the hallway, the look on his face indicated something was horribly, horribly wrong. The last thing Coach Sanders said to Amy was, “Run!

In the space of just over 2 years, the world as we knew it was irrevocably changed, and we have become a nation motivated…by fear. But no matter how crazy the world gets…we’re here just trying do what we can to strive to be better human beings: being the happiness, the hope, and the love we want to see in the world. It’s not always we’re successful at, but we keep trying.

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